All of the Cedar Fair Park Locations | Easily Explained

Cedar Fair is one of the most popular theme park companies in the world, as they are notorious for their amazing roller coasters.

In this page, we will cover all of the Cedar Fair Park locations, and explain what each one has to offer.

How Many Cedar Fair Locations Are There?

Cedar Fair has a total of 23 properties in the United States. Out of those 23 properties, 11 of them are actual Cedar Fair parks, and the remaining 12 are water parks. 

cedar fair locations map

Where Are All of the Cedar Fair Parks Located?

All of the Cedar Fair parks are strategically positioned to cover each major region of North America including California, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ontario, and Texas.

It's important to know that not all Cedar Fair parks are open year-round and may close due to weather.

1. Knott's Berry Farm - Buena Park, California

Operating Season: Year Round.

Knott's Berry Farm isn't just one of the most popular parks in the state but in the country.

knotts rides

Knott's is known for their thrilling rides, as well as being able to offer visitors of all ages something to ride.

Although it is one of the smaller Cedar Fair parks at 57 acres, it packs a punch.

Having opened in 1923, Knott's features 48 attractions including 10 roller coasters and 2 water rides.

Best Ride - HangTime

HangTime is California's only dive coaster and one of the newer rides at Knott's.

This steel roller coaster also features the steepest (and scariest) drop in the entire state.

This ride is unique in a lot of ways but most notably is the beginning of the ride.

Within seconds of the ride starting, you'll slowly be climbing at an almost completely vertical angle.

Once you reach the top, there won't be a 'Small Pause' like in most coasters.

hangtime knotts

Instead, this pause will feel like it's an eternity until finally the ride unpauses and you experience the steepest drop in California.

This ride will reach speeds of up to 57 miles per hour.

The car layout is four seats per row, with 4 rows per car, with a maximum of 16 riders.

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2. Carowinds - Charlotte, North Carolina

Operating Season: March - December.

carowinds entrance

Carowinds is a 407-acre theme park that is one of the newer Cedar Fair parks, having opened in 1973. 

Carowinds features a total of 39 attractions, including 14 roller coasters.

Best Ride - Fury 325

fury 325 carowinds

Fury 325 is the fastest and tallest Giga Coaster in the world, and one of the best rides in not just Carowinds, but all theme parks.


One of the more memorable aspects of this ride occurs slowly during the first climb, where it will feel like an eternity.

Once you're around halfway to climbing up, the thought that you still have to go down will slip into your head.

Adrenaline junkies, this ride is for you.

Once you begin going down the first drop, all bets are off and it's time to hang on tight and enjoy the coaster because the only thing that's guaranteed is that you will feel speed.

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3. Cedar Point - Sandusky, Ohio

Operating Season: May - October.

Cedar Point is the second oldest active theme park in the country, having opened in 1870!

cedar point ride

It is a decently sized theme park at 364 acres, featuring 72 attractions, 15 roller coasters, and 3 water rides.

Best Ride - Maverick

Coming in at the top of our list, Maverick, unlike other coasters, starts fast and never looks back.

This coaster has a very smooth-ride feel to it and has an insane 95-degree vertical drop.

Traditional coasters have a slow build-up as they climb the first hill, but in Maverick you begin picking up speed immediately out of the gate.

This is a big reason why riders will hit speeds of up to 70 miles per hour on this ride!

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4. Dorney Park - Allentown, Pennsylvania

Operating Season: May - October.

Dorney Park is another true classic theme park, having opened in 1884.

dorney park family ride

This 200-acre theme park features 44 total rides, including 7 roller coasters and 3 water rides.

Dorney Park notoriously has the 10th longest roller coaster in the world, Steel Force.

Best Ride - Steel Force

This ride will reach a top speed of 75 miles per hour!

Another steel coaster, Steel Force was once known for being the tallest and longest roller coaster on the east coast featuring 5,600 ft of track.

To put this into perspective, Hydra is 2,000 ft shorter.

This fan-favorite coaster begins with a slow climb up until you slowly peek over the edge of the first drop.

From there, your adrenaline begins pumping at an all-time high as you fly down the hill, into a tunnel.

In the tunnel, different sounds such as screams and the speed of the ride are extremely amplified, before quickly shooting back out on the other side!

This is also where your picture in the ride is taken, so put your brave face on!

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5. Kings Dominion - Richmond, Virginia

Operating Season: March - December.

Kings Dominion is one of the newer theme parks in the country, having opened in 1975.

twisted timbers kings dominion

It features 48 total attractions, including 13 roller coasters and 2 water rides.

Best Ride - Dominator

Dominator is one of the world’s longest steel coasters without floors, which also features one of the tallest vertical loops in the world at 135 feet. 

If you enjoy an action packed ride at high speeds, with nonstop action from beginning to end, look no further.

On this ride, you will reach speeds of 65 miles per hour, and it is easily one of the most popular rides with visitors.

If you think that you have a good 'poker face', this ride will put that to the test.

6. Kings Island - Cincinnati, Ohio

Operating Season: April - December.

kings island diamondback ride

Many visitors see the 'Kings' portion of the name on Kings Island and immediately assume that they're right next to each other.

However, that's not the case as Kings Island is a few states away in Ohio.

Having opened in 1972, Kings Island is one of the most popular parks in the Cedar Fair chain.

The park features 47 attractions, including 14 roller coasters and 3 water rides.

Best Ride

The fan-favorite steel hypercoaster features a massive 215 ft drop and several camel-back hills.

A very popular part of this ride is the 'floating out of their seat' sensation that riders will feel on the hills.

As soon as the ride begins, it immediately begins climbing the gigantic first hill. If you've never been on this ride before, it will feel like an eternity during the climb.

When you finally reach the top, you will not have much of a chance to admire the view, as you'll begin going down to the 74-degree drop.

Diamondback will reach speeds of up to 80 miles per hour throughout the ride.

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7. Valleyfair - Shakopee, Minnesota

Operating Season: May - October.

Valleyfair is a 125-acre theme park that features an absurd number of 75 rides, including 8 roller coasters and 2 water rides.

valleyfair full park

Best Ride - Wild Thing

Valleyfair is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the park, which will impress even the most experienced riders.

This green coaster begins by slowly making its way up 200+ feet to give you a spectacular view of the park and its surroundings (including Route 76). 

Once you've finally reached the top of the initial hill, there's a slight pause, and then the next thing that you know you're flying downhill at over 70 miles per hour.

Towards the end of the ride, you'll go over one small hill that leads into a dark tunnel which is where your picture will be taken!

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8. Worlds of Fun - Kansas City, Missouri

Operating Season: April - October.

Known as the largest amusement park in the Midwest at 235, Worlds of Fun features 47 total attractions including 7 roller coasters and 3 water rides.

worlds of fun full park

Best Ride - Prowler

Prowler possesses the unique aspect that many wooden roller coasters have, where everything on the ride feels exponentially more intense.

You'll feel every drop, turn, and acceleration much more intensely and it will seem like the roller coaster is going faster than it is. 

Along with that, wooden coasters are a lot noisier, which validates your perception of the ride going faster than it actually is.

This ride begins slow, but picks up some speed climbing up the first drop before slowing back down again.

Right before the drop, the ride will slowly start heading down and you'll be able to admire your surroundings for a few seconds.

After that buckle up as it is absolutely full speed, down the steep drop and through all of the high speed turns.

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9. Michigan's Adventure - Muskegon, Michigan

Operating Season: May - October.

Having opened in 1956, this 250-acre theme park features more rides (37) than any other park in the state.

michigans adventure park

Ironically, this park was originally created as a Deer Park featuring own just a petting zoo.

However, 30+ years later in 1988, the park transitioned from Deer Park into the Michigan's Adventure theme park that it is known as today.

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10. California's Great America - Santa Clara, California

Operating Season: Year Round.

More commonly known as 'Great America', this 112-acre theme park features 41 total attractions including 9 roller coasters and 2 water rides.

The most popular ride is the wooden roller coaster, Gold Striker, the tallest and fastest wooden coaster in North America.

11. Canada's Wonderland - Toronto, Ontario

Operating Season: May - December.

Canada's Wonderland is a massive 330-acre theme park featuring 200+ attractions, making it the largest theme park in Canada.

Out of the 60+ attractions, it features an absurdly high 18 roller coasters, making Canada's Wonderland number three in the world in the number of roller coasters in a single park.

12. Kings Dominion's Soak City - Richmond, Virginia

Operating Season: May - September.

Soak City in Kings Dominion is a 20-acre water park located in the back of Kings Dominion that features thrilling slides, unique attractions, wave pools, lazy rivers, and even cabanas that guests can rent for the day.

kings dominion soak city

This water park is extremely popular with visitors of all ages, as it has something to offer for each age group.

Soak City is only open for a limited time every year, typically in the summer,

One of the underrated aspects of Soak City is being able to see the amazing roller coasters operating in the background while you splash away.

13. Cedar Point Shores - Sandusky, Ohio

Operating Season: May - September.

Located 1.2 miles away from Cedar Point, Cedar Point Shores is Cedar Point's water park.

This 16-acre water park features 12 water slides, 4 children's areas, and 5 pools.

Fun Fact - This water park was known as Soak City until 2016.

14. Kings Island's Soak City - Cincinnati, Ohio

Operating Season: May - September.

Soak City is a 35-acre water park, that features 36 water slides, 5 pools, and 5 children's areas.

kings island soak city

Fun fact - This water park originally opened in 1989 as 'WaterWorks'.

15. Knott's Soak City - Buena Park, California

Operating Season: May - September.

Knott's Soak City is a 13-acre water park, featuring 23 water slides and a children's play area.

Operating Season: May - September.

16. Valleyfair's Soak City - Shakopee, Minnesota

Operating Season: May - September.

Soak City in Valleyfair is a 3.5-acre water park that features a giant 350,000-gallon wave pool, several different types of water slides, and an interactive water play area.

Best Ride - Breakers Plunge

Featuring a 90-foot free fall, this slide will have your adrenaline pumping before even sliding down!

breakers plunge soak city valleyfair

This blue and green water slide can be seen from quite a distance away as it towers over Soak City.

To ride this ride, guests will have to climb up 148 stairs to reach the top of the tower. 

17. Oceans of Fun - Kansas City, Missouri

Operating Season: May - September.

oceans of fun water slides

Oceans of Fun (Worlds of Fun's water park) is a 64-acre water park that features 10 water slides, a lazy river, and a children's play area.

When Oceans of Fun opened, it was deemed the largest water park in the world.

18. Carolina Harbor - Charlotte, North Carolina

Operating Season: May - September.

Commonly known as the Carowinds Water Park, Carolina Harbor is 27 acres in size, showcasing 29 water slides, 6 pools, and multiple children's play areas.

carolina harbor water tube

19. South Bay Shores - Santa Clara, California

Operating Season: May - September.

California Great America's Water Park, South Bay Shores is an 11-acre park possessing 11 water slides, 2 pools, and 2 children's play areas.

20. Splash Works - Toronto, Ohio

Operating Season: May - September.

Splash Works is Canada's Wonderland's 20-acre water park, featuring 16 water slides, 2 pools, and a children's play area.

21. Castaway Bay - Sandusky, Ohio

Operating Season: Year Round.

Castaway Bay is Cedar Fair's only indoor water park.

Unlike the other water parks that are located in other theme parks or only minutes of walking distance away, Castaway Bay is about a 15-minute drive from Cedar Point.

22. Schlitterbahn New Braunfels - New Braunfels, Texas

Operating Season: March- mid-September.

While the Schlitterbahn New Braunfels waterpark typically operates seasonally from mid-March through early November, the resort facilities remain open for guests to enjoy year-round.

The resort offers lodging, dining, and entertainment options that are available even during the off-season when the waterpark is closed.

In 1979, Schlitterbahn became the first Schlitterbahn water park to open.

If you've never seen the name Schlitterbahn (and/or don't speak German), you may be a bit confused.

The name Schlitterbahn is actually German for the phrase 'Slippery Road'.

For the last 24 years in a row, Schlitterbahn New Braunfels has won the 'Best Waterpark' award by Amusement Today.

23. Schlitterbahn Galveston - Galveston, Texas

Operating Season: April - early September.

Schlitterbahn Galveston is a 26-acre water park featuring 33+ attractions.

The Schlitterbahn water parks are the most recent parks to be acquired by Cedar Fair in 2019 for $261 million.

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