10 Cedar Point Tips That You Can't Miss | Easily Explained

In this guide, we will cover our best Cedar Point tips to ensure that you arrive to the park extremely prepared, and know all of the 'hacks' to maximize your time and money.

Table of Contents

  1. Start at the Back of the Park
  2. Visit During the Week
  3. Know About Parent Swap
  4. Save Money on Tickets
  5. Know About the Crowd Calendar
  6. Bring Essential Items
  7. Know What Shoes to Wear
  8. Rent a Locker
  9. Know About Fast Lane
  10. Download the App

1. Start at the Back of the Park

If you take a look at the Cedar Point map, you'll notice most of the rides are located in the back of the park.

These are the same rides that rack up very long lines as the day goes on.

cedar point tips

By getting to the park when it opens, and going directly to the back of the park, you'll be dealing with minimal (if any) lines. You can knockout the most popular rides first, and explore the rest of the park later on.

Most guests enter the park and immediately go to the nearest attractions by the entrance.

Essentially, you'll visit the park in reverse, deal with much less waits, and have a much better experience overall.

2. Visit During the Week

The less crowded days are traditionally during the weekdays, specifically on Monday's - Wednesday's.

weekday calendar

Most guests visit the park on the weekends, and plan their entire vacation around this time.

By visiting during the week, you'll avoid most of the touristy-crowds and have a much lighter visit in terms of crowd size.

Additionally, most of the local visitors will be in school during the week.

3. Know About Parent Swap

Parent Swap allows parents to be able to not have to wait in line twice, to ride their favorite rides.

cedar point fun

To participate in Parent Swap, parents need to obtain a slip to authorize them for the program at one of the following locations: Guest Services (at the main gate), Town Hall Museum or Resort Entrance Gate (near Magnum).

This is how it works:

  1. The whole group gets in line
  2. Right before boarding, let the ride operator know that you'd like to use Parent Swap, and hand them your parent swap pass
  3. One adult will wait with the kids on the other side of the ride (where riders head towards after done riding)
  4. The other adults will ride the ride
  5. When the first pair of adults ride the ride, they get off, and now its their turn to stay with the kids, and the adult who had waited can hop on the ride

4. Save Money on Tickets

When you purchase with us, you'll save money and you can skip the lines at the front gate.

save money on cedar point tickets

Our prices will always be cheaper than the gate, and you'll receive your tickets to your email instantly.

You can find out more about our process, and how we're able to do this through our Authorized Theme Park Ticket Reseller page.

5. Know About the Crowd Calendar

If you weren't sure that it was going to rain, but you were doing an outdoor activity, you'd check the weather right?

cedar point crowd calendar

Don't go into the park blindly. Use the crowd calendar to see what the expected crowd size will be for the day/week/month.

The way it works is the crowd calendar uses historical data from past years, in order to accurately predict when the park will be super busy, busy, average or ghost town.

The calendar is also color coded which makes it very easy to use, and to quickly reference whenever you need.

6. Bring Essential Items

There are essential items that you'll want to bring to this park to protect yourself from the heat, and just to be ready for the park in general including:

  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Identification Card (Driver's license)
  • Printed ticket (or eticket on your phone)
  • Phone charger
  • Hat
  • Credit card


7. Know What Shoes to Wear

Although sandals and flip flops can be very comfortable, they are not the best option for theme parks, especially if you're planning on being at the park for hours.

Cedar Point is 364 acres in size, which mean there will be plenty of walking.

You'll want to wear comfortable shoes, preferably running/tennis shoes if you already have them.

running shoes

8. Rent a Locker

If you're planning on bringing items that you can't carry to rides (such as backpacks, hats, extra clothes etc), you may consider renting a locker.

Lockers work through a first come, first serve system, and they are an additional cost.

cedar point locker

All-day lockers have in/out privileges all day with no restrictions. All-day lockers are located just inside the Main Gate (near Ocean Motion) and at Cedar Point Shores Waterpark.

All lockers accept cash and credit cards only. Coin and debit cards are not accepted. There are no overnight rentals.

Moveable lockers are also available at ride locations. You'll be able to rent a locker that can move from location to location for one price.

9. Know About Fast Lane

A Fast Lane pass gives riders access to a separate line, where riders can get to the front of the line much quicker than regular lines (for select rides).

Once a Fast Lane pass has been purchased, riders will be given a wristband that will signify to park staff, that you have access to the Fast Lane line.

cedar point coaster

Throughout the line, there will be various checkpoints where you will need to show your wristband to park staff, and ride operators. These checkpoints are normally in the beginning of the line, and ride before boarding the ride.

10. Download the App

The Cedar Point app can make your life very easy when you're at the park.

cedar point app map

You can do the following things in the app:

  • Use mobile food ordering (vs having to wait in lines)
  • See the park map
  • Save your car's location to know where you parked
  • See the park operating hours
  • Get information on rides, restaurants & even shops

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