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Soak City in Kings Dominion: Everything You Need to Know

Many visitors anxiously wait all year for the ultra-popular Soak City to open up.

In this page, we will explain exactly what Soak City is, what their best rides are, and even cover their history.

What is Soak City in Kings Dominion?

Soak City is a 20 acre water park located in the back of Kings Dominion that features thrilling slides, unique attractions, wave pools, lazy rivers, and even cabanas that guests can rent for the day.

kings dominion soak city

This water park is extremely popular with visitors of all ages, as it has something to offer for each age group.

Soak City is only open for a limited time every year, typically in the summer,

One of the underrated aspects of Soak City is being able to see the amazing roller coasters operating in the background while you splash away.

Whether you're looking for thrilling water rides, or just relaxation for the day, there's plenty to do, which we will cover below.

Soak City's Best Water Rides

1. Lazy Rider:

Put your sunglasses on, lay back in the inner tube and relax! In this ride you'll be able to soak up the sun, let all your worries float away and fill your body with some well deserved relaxation.

The soft current will do all of the work as you float through a waterway of 1,000 feet. This is a very popular attraction for adults but almost just as popular with families as well. 

Something to note: Children under 42" must have a supervising companion and must wear a life vest.

lazy rider kings dominion

2. Tidal Wave Bay Soak City:

What seems to be millions of gallons of water being splashed by park goers, this location is loaded with water but most importantly, loaded with fun.

tidal wave bay kings dominion

3. Splash Island:

Slides specifically made for small children. Various jets of of water shoot straight up from the ground for maximum fun. Your kids will have the time of their lives as they run around soaked in water and going down the slides.

Parent Relaxation!

Splash Island also contains a lounge next door for parents that are looking to relax while keeping a watchful eye over their little ones. 

4. Lil barefoot Beach:

A pool filled with fun (and of course splashed), this portion is designed for little ones specifically under 54". However, if you are chaperoning the little one you will be able to take part.

kings dominion soak city

5. Aqua Blast - Inside Hurricane Heights:

A water slide made up of almost 450 feet, riders are sent swirling and turning through multiple 360 degree loops until they finally are dropped into a splash pool for adrenaline-filled excitement. Aqua blast is part of Hurricane Heights and one of the three rides!

6. Paradise Plunge - Inside Hurricane Heights:

If you enjoy suspense, this is the ride for you! Riders will step into one of the several chambers and time will slowly seem to go by until finally the floors move out of the way and you fly down through a free fall. As the free fall occurs, you're taken through a sequence of loops and turns. Aqua blast is part of Hurricane Heights and the second of the three rides!

7. Thunder Falls - Inside Hurricane Heights:

Riders climb into a singular tube and then are sent down through a sequence of turns and twists that any thrill seeker would love. Aqua blast is part of Hurricane Heights and the third of the three rides!

8. Baja Bends:

A water slide that twists and turns and eventually ends into a deep water pool for the grand finale.

9. Freestylin':

Riders hop on and enter the inner tube ride filled with fun. It contains several turns and drops before ending in a 42" deep water pool.

10. Pipeline Peak:

Consisting of four separate rides. If you're looking for body slides, that start at 77 feet, Power Plunge and Night Sliders are the ones for you.

Turbo Twister and Rip Slide are inner tube rides that begin from a platform of 45 feet.

11. Zoom Flume:

A rafting adventure meant for 4 riders. Riders hop on and hang on this rafting adventure full of thrills and spins. 

History of Soak City

This water park was originally named 'Hurricane Reef' during its debut in 1992.

soak city kings dominion slide

Seven years later, an expansion occurred where rides and attractions accepted new names, Hurricane Reef was changed to 'Waterworks'. 

A few years ago in 2015, another expansion occurred along with name changes again.

Waterworks was renamed to Soak City, a name that still holds presently.

The last expansion included the creation of the children's area 'Splash Island' as well as 'Hurricane Heights'.

In 2020, Coconut shores was expected to be added to the park, replacing the Big Wave Bay resided in.

This specific addition was expected to contain a children's wave pool and a water play structure of several levels.  

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