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5 Best Rides at Worlds of Fun | Easily Explained

Worlds of Fun showcases some of the best rides in the country.

In this page, we will list out the best rides that Worlds of Fun offers, how each one is unique, and actual (point of view) videos of the rides!

    1. Prowler

    The unique aspect of wooden roller coasters is that everything on the ride feels exponentially more intense.

    You'll feel every drop, turn, and acceleration much more intensely and it will seem like the roller coaster is going faster than it is. 

    Along with that, wooden coasters are a lot noisier, which validates your perception of the ride going faster than it is.

    This ride begins slowly but picks up some speed climbing up the first drop before slowing back down again.

    Right before the drop, the ride will slowly start heading down and you'll be able to admire your surroundings for a few seconds.

    After that buckle up as it is full speed, down the steep drop, and through all of the high-speed turns.


    2 minutes.

    Fun Facts

    Prowler opened in 2009 and was immediately named the best new ride of that year.

    2. Timber Wolf

    As the oldest operating roller coaster at Worlds of Fun, this one is a true classic.

    If you're a thrill seeker, this is a ride that you must do at night.

    Featuring a very steep first drop, and riding in darkness is a combination of your adrenaline pumping through the roof!

    If you want the best experience make sure to ride front row or back row on this ride!


    2 minutes

    Fun Facts

    Timber Wolf opened in 1989 which makes it over 30 years of age!

    Despite this, it is still a safe and fan-favorite coaster.

    3. Patriot

    Patriot is an inverted roller coaster featuring a massive first drop!

    If you don't know what an inverted coaster means, it's basically where the coaster is set up in reverse.

    There's no floor, and the rails are above your seats. This means that your feet will be free the entire ride.

    You'll want to make sure that you wear shoes for this coaster, and if you brought flip flops to the park, you'll want to make sure you put them to the side and ride this one barefoot.


    2 minutes and 27 seconds.

    Fun Facts

    This coaster opened in 1998, and it features four inverted loops.

    4. Mamba

    This giant coaster sticks out from most places in the park.

    At the top of the first drop, there's a slight pause which will make you re-think what you're doing there in the first place.


    On that same drop you'll then reach speeds of up to 75 mile per hour.

    The seats also offer lap only restraints which give rides a more open and 'free' feel throughout the ride.


    3 minutes and 15 seconds.

    Fun Facts

    Aside from being the tallest coaster in the park, it is also a hyper coaster.

    5. Spinning Dragons

    As a 'spinning roller coaster', you won't be going in a straight line the entire ride as most other rides do.

    Instead, you'll navigate through the ride and spin at different points including turns, straight lines, and even drops.

    The seating arrangement is 2 seats facing inwards towards another 2 seats.

    So when you're spinning throughout the ride, you'll be able to see the reactions of those in your vehicle which always brings an enjoyable time to all riders.

    If you're vulnerable to easily getting dizzy, you may want to sit this one out. If you enjoy unique rides (with lots of spinning), this may be for you!


    2 minutes 42 seconds

    Fun Facts

    As a spinning coaster, it was the second ride of its kind after the Fairly Odd Coaster.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Many Rides are at Worlds of Fun?

    64 rides.

    What is the Oldest Ride at Worlds of Fun?

    Timber Wolf.

    Do Kids get in Free at Worlds of Fun?

    With a Pre-K Pass, yes they can.

    Where Can I Buy Worlds of Fun Tickets?

    When you purchase Worlds of Fun Tickets with us, you can Save $10 per ticket on the weekends.

    Can I Bring a Backpack into Worlds of Fun?

    Yes but you cannot take them on a ride. There are lockers available where you can place your backpack safely while you ride.

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