10 Best Valleyfair Tips That You Can't Miss

In this guide, we will cover our best Valleyfair tips to ensure that you arrive to the park extremely prepared and know all of the 'hacks' to maximize your time and money.

  1. Bring Your Own Water Bottle
  2. Know How Reservations Work
  3. Eat a Juicy Lucy Burger
  4. Start Your Day Riding the Rides
  5. Visit Planet Snoopy
  6. Know When the Park is Open
  7. Visiting Soak City? Split up the days
  8. Invest in a Fast Lane Pass
  9. Take an Old Fashioned Picture
  10. Know the Facemask Policy

1. Bring Your Own Water Bottle

Guests are allowed to bring in their own sealed water bottle into Valleyfair, and luckily for you there are several refill stations located around the park. 

water bottle

Purchasing a water bottle at any theme park is typically more pricey, and you will save yourself a lot of money throughout the day just by bringing in your own.

Each guest is allowed to bring in 1 water bottle, and if you're a family or traveling in a group, there's always someone in the group who easily becomes much more thirsty than everyone else.

Help them out! Strategically plan on everyone in the group to bring in a water bottle regardless on whether they plan on drinking it or not.

2. Know How Reservations Work

Reservations are currently required for Valleyfair admissions.

When you purchase your tickets with usyou will Save $20 per ticket vs the gate price.

The process is straightforward, as you will simply choose a day to 'reserve' your spot.

Something to note - The expiration date means that you must use your ticket by that appointed date.

valleyfair reservations

If you want more information about what Valleyfair offers and what can be included with your admission, visit the Cheap Valleyfair Tickets page.

3. Eat a Juicy Lucy Burger

A Minneapolis tradition that you have to take part in! The delicious Juicy Lucy 8 oz burger features cheese inside of the beef and comes with fries and a drink as well.

juicy lucy burger

This burger can be found at Northwoods Grill. Along with the Juicy Lucy, they feature other delicious food including Charbroiled turkey legs, pulled pork sandwiches, and brisket sandwiches.

northwoods grille valleyfair

4. Start Your Day Riding the Rides

Arriving at the park right when it opens (Valleyfair: 11 am, Soak City: 11:30 am) will put you in the best position to barely wait in lines.

The Valleyfair coasters are extremely popular and due to this, they are something that you'll want to ride and 'knock off' your list early before the park becomes more full.

Spending the majority of your day doing activities vs waiting in lines will also provide you and your family the best possible experience.

Some of the most popular rides that visitors love include Wild Thing, Steel Venom, Renegade, Corkscrew & High Roller. 

5. Visit Planet Snoopy

Traveling with kids? You'll want to stop by Planet Snoopy

planet snoopy valleyfair

Planet Snoopy is essentially a mini theme park inside of Valleyfair (and other Cedar Fair parks) that contains family friendly rides and activities.

In fact, many parents will split up around the park temporarily, one will take the kids to Planet Snoopy, and the other one will go and take advantage of riding rides, and then they will meet back up a little while later.

At times they even alternate! This isn't limited to just parents however, if you're visiting in large groups, this is a very common tactic to maximize time at the parks and ensure everyone has a great experience.

6. Know When The Park is Open

Valleyfair normally opens in May before closing back down in November. You'll want to double check the Valleyfair hours before planning your trip.

7. Visiting Soak City? Split up the Days

When you purchase through us, your Soak City tickets are already included. 

To get the full day experience and enjoy the water park, you'll want to split the days up into one being at Valleyfair, and the other to spend at Soak City.

valleyfair soak city

Why Can't I Do 1 Day?

Well, you still definitely can.

However, Valleyfair is a 125 acre park that features over 75 rides and 8 roller coasters. 


If you've never been to the park before, you can see how it would be difficult to cover the majority of the park while being able to enjoy yourself at the water park as well. 

To be clear, if you're on a time crunch and can only visit the park in 1 day, you can still definitely have a great experience and cover most of what the park and Soak City has to offer.

If you have been to the park, then you can ignore this tip!

8. Invest in a Fast Lane Pass

Fast Lane allows you to skip the lines for certain popular rides (including Delirious, North Star, Wild Thing, Renegade & Steel Venom) at an additional cost. 

fast lane valleyfair

How it works is you'll receive a wristband and then you're able to skip to the front of the line.

Fast lane does come at a cost however, usually around $50.

If you're visiting the park with a limited amount of time, or just hate waiting in lines in general, it may be a good option to invest in a fast lane pass. 

Something to Note

Feedback from visitors have shown that most of them do not consider purchasing a fast lane pass until they've been standing in line for a long time, and they watch other visitors with the wristbands walk right by to the front!

9. Take an Old Fashioned Picture

The Olde Time Photoshop lets visitors take a black and white photograph for a perfect souvenir. They also provide guests with wild west props and clothing for a maximum authentic feel.

olde time photoshop

10. Know the Facemask Policy

If you are vaccinated, you will not need to wear a mask.

Facemasks however are required indoors if you are not fully vaccinated. This of course doesn't include while you are eating or drinking.

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