5 Best Cedar Point Rides | Easily Explained

In this guide we will list out the best rides that Cedar Point offers, how each one is unique, and actual (point of view) videos of the rides!

cedar point best rides

Table of Contents

  1. Maverick
  2. Millenium Force
  3. Top Thrill Dragster
  4. Valravn
  5. Raptor

1. Maverick

Coming in at the top of our list, Maverick unlike other coasters, starts off fast and never looks back.

This coaster has a very smooth-ride feel to it, and has an insane 95 degree vertical drop.

Traditional coasters have a slow build up as they climb the first hill, but in Maverick you began picking up speed immediately out of the gate.

This is a big reason why riders will hit speeds of up to 70 miles per hour on this ride!


2 minutes 30 seconds.

Fun Facts

Maverick cost $20,000,000 to build.

2. Millenium Force

Millennium Force is not only one of the fastest coasters in the world, reaching speeds of 93 miles per hour, but it provides one of the best views as well while riding.

After climbing the first hill, riders will get a beautiful view of the water, before dropping down, making a right and heading to the forest & shortly after a tunnel.

With a height of 310 feet, and a drop of 80 degrees, this coaster is one of the best coasters at the park.


2 minutes 20 seconds.

Fun Facts

Millenium Force was the park's 14th roller coaster.

3. Top Thrill Dragster

If you love speed, there's not a better coaster than Top Thrill Dragster, as you'll go from 0-120 miles per hour in 4 seconds!!

Most people in the world have never felt what 100+ miles per hour actually feels like, and videos don't do it justice.

This ride is filled with absolute power, and you'll witness that at several points in the ride most notably in the beginning, and in the first massive drop.

The only reason this ride isn't higher on our list is because of the short duration.


30 seconds.

Fun Facts

In 2003 when this coaster opened, it was touted as the fastest and tallest coaster in the world.

4. Valravn

Valravn takes riders up 223 feet, before stopping them for several seconds, while the riders gaze at the 90 degree drop that they're about to experience.

The phrase 'Sitting on the edge of your seat' has never been more true than when it comes to this ride.

You'll reach speeds of up to 75 miles per hour on this ride.


2 minutes 23 seconds.

Fun Facts

The ride's theme is based on a mythological bird from Danish folklore called the valravn, which means "raven of the slain".

5. Raptor

Now what would a best rides list be without an inverted coaster? Not the best list, that's for sure.

Raptor is an inverted coaster (which simply means the rails are at the top instead of the bottom, and your legs are free to hang) that will take riders through multiple zero gravity rolls and inversions.

Riders will feel speeds of 57 miles per hour on this ride.


2 minutes 16 seconds.

Fun Facts

This is one of the classic coasters (opened in 1994) that remain very popular to this day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cedar Point's Most Popular Ride?

It comes down to the top three of Maverick, Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster. These rides are by far the most popular rides at Cedar Point as they each offer their own unique and thrilling experience. Millennium Force in particular reaches speeds of up to 93 miles per hour.

What is the Smoothest Ride at Cedar Point?

Maverick is the smoothest ride at Cedar Point. Despite having a 95 degree vertical drop, this rides provides riders with a 'gliding-feeling' through the duration of the ride.

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