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Carolina Harbor: Everything You Need to Know

Carolina Harbor is one of the most popular water parks in the state.

In this guide we'll cover everything that the water park offers including best rides, kids areas, the best way to relax and even where to eat.

carolina harbor carowinds

What is Carolina Harbor?

Carolina Harbor is the fan favorite Carowinds water park that features 6 pools, 31 water slides and even 6 children's areas.

Regardless of your age, there will be plenty for you to do there.

What better way to cool off from the Carolina summer than in the 27 acre water park?

Fun Fact

Carolina Harbor was actually named Boomerang Bay until 2015.

boogie board racer carolina harbor

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Best Rides

Hurricane Falls

This family favorite ride is an open raft ride. If you're scared of being enclosed in a tube, this will be a breath of fresh air for you (literally).

hurricane falls carowinds

The best part is this is a (maximum) 4 person raft (minimum 2 person) which will make for loud laughter and excitement while spiraling throughout the 564 foot ride.

Storm Surge

Now if you love the thrill of riding inside tubes at fast speeds and quick turns, this is the ride for you.

storm surge carolina harbor

You'll be able to ride by yourself or even hop on with a friend in the double tubes.

Featuring 4 water slides, these tubes are around 495 ft in length and in the end riders will end up splashing into a large pool.

Blackbeard's Revenge

This is a very unique ride as the floor actually slips from your feet!

Featuring a few different 360 degree turns while in an almost free-fall, riders will definitely feel the six story drop along with the several sharp turns.

Boogie Board Racer

The newest water slide ride at Carolina Harbor that debuted in 2021, it is the longest racing slide in the Southeast.

boogie board race carolina harbor

It features 6 slides, and this is the perfect place where you can race your friends and family for bragging rights!

The cool aspect of this is each slide is different but at the end all of the tubes turn into black and white patterns signaling the finish line of the race!

Kids Area

Seaside Splashworks

The largest multi level play structure in the water park provides endless fun for kids and adults alike.

seaside splashworks carolina harbor

Featuring spray jets, water guns, bridges, water slides and water coming out of every direction, prepare to get wet.

The best part is arguable the 423 gallon bucket that occasionally tips and refreshes everyone in the area.

Just Want to Relax?

There are lounge chairs and regular chairs available located around the perimeter of Seaside Splashworks.

It allows you to relax or sit back and keep an eye on your kids from a distance.

Entrance Tip

You should know there's also a back end gate entrance just for the water park!

This will save you time from now needing to walk through the entire amusement park to get to the water park.

Wave Pool

Known as Tidal Wave Bay, this wave pool holds 400,000 gallons of water with a 'zero drop' entrance for the little ones.

tidal wave bay carolina harbor

Every few minutes the wave pool will alternate with actually having waves, and to total tranquility.

Lifeguards are positioned on both sides of the wave pool for maximum safety.

Lounge chairs and cabanas are all positioned around the wave pool as well

Cabanas For Rent

There are four different types of cabanas that you can rent.

carolina harbor cabana

All of them include at least 6 guests, discounts, tv, food and beverage service, patio table with chairs and lounge chairs.

Chairs For Rent

Lounge chairs and regular chairs are available throughout the entire water park including by the wave pool and rides. 

If you decide to rent a cabana, you will have chairs assigned to your area.


Lifeguards are stationed in most areas of the park and are constantly moving and very aware in order to keep the water park safe.

Lifejackets are complimentary for all guests.

There are different types of lifejackets available that are differentiated by weight.

lifejacket carolina harbor

Infant Jacket

Less than 30 lbs

Child Jacket

30 lbs - 50 lbs

Youth Jacket

50 lbs - 90 lbs

Adult Jacket

90 lbs +


In case you forgot your sunscreen, swimwear, a shirt or even a towel, Beachcombers has you covered. 

It is a store that where you can purchase your water park essentials.

Harbor House

Swimming and soaking up the sun all day can definitely work up an appetite.

Harbor house offers pulled pork, shrimp basket, tender & fries, chicken wrap, wings & fries and shrimp poboy!

harbor house carowinds water park


Between Surf Club Harbor and Tidal Wave Bay

Schooners Beach Bar

For adults 21+, there is a fantastic bar available offering frozen adult drinks, local craft beers, wine and jumbo pretzels.

schooners beach bar carowinds

One thing to note is that the bar closes 1 hour before the actual water park does, so don't miss out!


Near Surf Club Harbor and Harbor House

Main Bathhouse

Here is where you'll be able to rent lockers. Lockers are available in different sizes and will come in very handy in order to not need to carry bags or valuables around.

Changing stations is a nice perk where guests will be able to go to change. This is very useful for guests who are visiting both Carowinds and Carolina Harbor in the same day.

Restrooms are also available in this area.

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