Kings Dominion Discount Tickets & Tips 2021

-We are excited to announce Kings Dominion’s Opening Day - May 22, 2021-

So, you’re in town for a vacation and you’re thinking about visiting Kings Dominion in Virginia. 

You’re not the only one! By the end of this guide you will know everything ranging from when they open, to top rides, and even on how to easily save money by purchasing your tickets online!

What is Kings Dominion? And where exactly is Kings Dominion located?

Kings Dominion is a theme park currently located in Doswell, Virginia, about 25 minutes (driving) away from Richmond, Virginia. The 400 acre park contains over 60 rides, attractions, and shows as well as 11+ roller coasters. A perfect place to create a lifetime of amazing memories.

Fun Fact: Kings Dominion is the sister park of Kings Island.

When is Kings Dominion open (2021)?

January 28, 2021 Update

We are excited to announce Kings Dominion’s Opening Day - May 22 - and we look forward to welcoming you back to a fun and safe environment.

Kings Dominion hours can be found directly from the Kings Dominion website. However, if you don’t have a set date that you’re looking for in mind, we’ve made a cheat sheet for you.

KD Cheat Sheet

Open everyday: TBD

Open on weekends only (Sat-Sun): TBD

Open on weekends only (Fri-Sun): TBD

Soak City Cheat Sheet

Open everyday: TBD

Last open: TBD

Park Closed: Now, temporarily

Crowd Calendar

Another great reliable alternative is the Kings Dominion Crowd Calendar. It is a very handy tool that is simple to use. How this works is they post a calendar for the current month, and rate their "expected crowd" for the day from Green (quiet day) to Red (busy day). The science behind this is they use historical data, special events, holidays etc. and make a prediction for the month based on relevant factors.

As of right now the calendar on the Kings Dominion website is at a standstill due to COVID-19. We will update this guide along as we get more information.

Top Rides at Kings Dominion

Intimidator 305

The name itself should raise a red flag unless you’re adventurous (kidding, but not really). This roller coaster’s number stands for the height of the coaster. One of the most forceful rides in the world, the best way to sum up this coaster is intense, fast & powerful. This ride starts fast and only increases in speed. The fast transitions throughout the turns seem almost impossible to be done until they’re happening in front of your eyes. This is a thrill seeker’s paradise. On the other hand, if you have not ridden many roller coasters or are unsure of whether you like them, this may not be the best place to start. There are other better options for inexperienced riders.


At 4,210 feet, Dominator is the  world’s longest floor-less coaster that also happens to have one of the nations’ tallest vertical loops. The build up to the initial drop as you slowly climb is very exhilarating and makes the wait for the drop THAT much better. Unlike the Intimidator 305, this coaster has a change of pace within the ride and gives you some (limited) time to regroup throughout its course.

Twisted Timbers

My personal favorite coaster in the park. The initial barrel drop is an extremely unique way to start things off. This ride has a very smooth feel to it as it glides up and down the hills while seamlessly twisting and transitioning through tight turns. This ride is super smooth and glides about the course.

Traveling with kids?

Guests below 3 years old are free!!! 

Lockers are also at one's disposal for rent on a first-come, first-served basis.

Child Swap Policy - Kings Dominion

Are you bringing a child that isn’t tall enough to ride the rides- but you want to ride them yourself? Kings Dominion has a system called ‘Child Swap’. This works by having two people in your party voluntarily wait behind (feel free to enjoy other rides in the meantime), while the rest of the party enters standby. Once the first group is finished riding, the remaining individuals that were waiting with kids, go through the disabled entrance, pass the kids to the rest of your party, and then hop right on the ride. This is very beneficial to ensure that you are able to bring young children to the park and still enjoy it yourself.


We've written an article focused on Planet SnoopyPlanet Snoopy is home to a family care center, where families are able to rest and eat with children, while cooling off in some much needed air conditioning.

Where to Buy Kings Dominion Tickets 

If you’ve made it this far, it’s safe to say that you’re looking for ways to create your own amazing memories, while saving money.

The more popular questions that our team routinely receive include:

    • Where can I buy tickets for Kings Dominion? How Can I save money?
      If you are looking for Kings dominion discount tickets from a trusted provider, look no further. We've got you covered. Our prices always beat the front gate.
      Theme Park Center is the official seller of discount theme park tickets across the United States. We’re authorized by Disneyland, Universal, Kings Dominion and dozens of other theme parks and attractions across the country to sell their tickets at a price that always beats the front gate. If you would like to find out more information, click here to our Why Us Page. 

    • How much do Kings Dominion tickets cost? Do Kings Dominion ticket prices stay the same?
      Prices vary throughout the different seasons. This means that even if pricing was a certain dollar amount during the summer, there is no guarantee that it will be the same in the fall.

      At the time that this article was written, prices for these Summer tickets (look below for Fall and Winter pricing) are as follows:

      1-Day tickets are $42 (Save $30+ vs the Gate)
      2-Day Ticket are $72 (Save $70+ vs the Gate)
      Ride & Refresh $46.99 (Save $30+ vs the Gate)

      Kings Dominion Winterfest: November-December 31st
      1-Day tickets are $26.00 (Save $16 vs the Gate)

    • Kings Dominion Parking - Are there discounts?
      You are in luck! Instead of paying the regular $20, save $5 on parking. 1 day parking, valid for one car during the regularly scheduled operating hours.

    • Are there any hotels near Kings Dominion?
      Of course! Click here. You will be able to choose your standard check in/out dates, how many rooms, any children etc.
      TIP: By clicking on the "Locations" tab (on the left of the blue "Select Dates" button), it will provide you with a map and more importantly the distance in miles from the hotel to Kings dominion as well as any other nearby attractions.

    • Are there kings dominion tickets with discounts for the military?
      Absolutely. Military Discounts can be found here. Kings Dominion celebrates America’s Military members both active and retired. They’ve also been known to hold “Military Appreciation Days” as recently as this July, as they’ve given out two free park admissions (July 1-7). In order to receive these tokens of military appreciation, all you would need to bring is a valid government-issued military ID.

Kings Dominion Water Park - Soak City

Is there a water park in Kings Dominion? Are they included in general admission tickets?

Yes! There is a 20 acre water playground named “Soak City”. Soak City is perfect for your family to relax or experience tsunami-sized thrills.

Typically they are included in the general admission tickets. Always make sure to click “ticket info” and read the description to ensure you know what you’re getting. Better safe than sorry!

Kings Island Discount Tickets & Tips

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