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The Ultimate Hyper Coaster Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Many different types of roller coasters can be found at theme parks, with each one giving riders a completely different experience.

In this guide, we will explain what a Hyper Coaster is, who invented the term, and which theme parks have Hyper Coaster rides.

What is a Hyper Coaster?

A Hyper Coaster is a full-circuit roller coaster that has a height or drop between 200 feet and 299 feet, with riders ending at the same location where they begin the ride.

hyper coaster

These coasters specialize in giving rides the sensation of weightlessness or free-falling that is felt during rapid descents.

The point of this design is to focus on providing riders with massive airtime experiences.

Cedar Fair Creates the Term Hyper Coaster

The term Hyper Coaster was created by Cedar Fair in 1989 to advertise the Magnum XL-200, which would become the world's first Hyper Coaster debuting as a Cedar Point ride.

Hyper Coasters typically feature an out-and-back layout, which means they extend out from the start, then come back to the beginning without any complex twists or turns.

    First Hyper Coaster Makes Its Debut

    In 1989 the now world-famous Magnum XL-200 opened at Cedar Point.

    This unique coaster quickly gained popularity due to its impressive size, thrilling drops, and speeds previously unseen in the roller coaster industry.

    As a result, other parks started to take notice of the popularity of these new types of coasters and began developing their own Hyper Coasters.

    In fact, only five years (1994) after the debut of the Magnum XL-200, Arrow Dynamics and Blackpool Pleasure Beach introduced Big One into the United Kingdom.

    This coaster would surpass the height of the Magnum XL-200, reaching a stunning 213 feet, 8 feet higher than Magnum XL-200.

    Largest Hyper Coasters in the World

    1. Kingda Ka (Six Flags Great Adventure)

    kingda ka six flags great adventure

    Kingda Ka holds the title of the tallest roller coaster in the world, with a towering height of 456 feet.

    This incredible coaster takes riders from 0 to 128 mph in just 3.5 seconds, propelling them over a top hat element that provides breathtaking views as well as stomach-churning drops.

    2. Top Thrill Dragster

    magnum xl 200 cedar point

    Until its recent retirement, Top Thrill Dragster was the second-best hypercoaster in the world.

    Reaching heights of 420 feet and speeds of 120 mph, it held the title of the world's tallest and fastest coaster before Kingda Ka took the crown.

    3. Red Force (Ferrari Land)

    Reaching speeds of up to 112 miles per hour and heights of up to 367 feet, Ref Force is known for being the highest and fastest roller coaster in Europe.

    Red Force is designed to simulate the experience of being in a Formula One car, and riders are launched from 0 to 112 miles per hour in just 5 seconds.

    This ride lasts for approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds and features a vertical ascent and descent, as well as several twists and turns.

      Where are the Hyper Coasters Located?

      intimidator carowinds

      Below we've listed where visitors can find some of the best Hyper Coasters:

      • Intimidator - Carowinds
      • Skyrush - Hershey Park
      • Superman the Ride: Six Flags New England
      • Phantom Revenge - Kennywood
      • Mako - SeaWorld Orlando
      • Goliath - Six Flags Over Georgia
      • Magnum XL 200 - Cedar Point
      • Superman: Man of Steel - Six Flags America
      • Candymonium - Hershey Park
      • Diamondback - Kings Island
      • Steel Force - Dorney Park
      • Ragin' Bull - Six Flags Great America
      • Nitro - Six Flags Great Adventure
      • Titan - Six Flags Over Texas
      • Goliath - Six Flags Magic Mountain
      • Apollo's Chariot - Busch Gardens Williamsburg
      • Mamba - Worlds of Fun

      Newest Hyper Coaster

      Having recently opened in 2020, Orion at Kings Island is the newest hyper coaster to date.

      orion ride first drop kings island

      Standing at 287 feet tall, and reaching 91 miles per hour, Orion takes riders on quite the adventure immediately as the first drop of the ride is 300 feet.

      Orion is designed to simulate the experience of a high-speed spacecraft launch and even features a space-themed queue line and station. 

      This ride lasts for approximately 3 minutes and 30 seconds and has a track length of 5,321 feet.

      Difference Between Hyper Coaster and Giga Coaster

      The main difference between Hyper Coasters and Giga Coasters is the range and size of their heights and drops.

      Hyper Coasters reach a height or have a drop of 200 to 299 feet, while Giga Coasters have a larger height or drop of 300 to 399 feet.

      As far as the ride designs, Hyper Coasters typically focus on providing airtime, while Giga Coasters prioritize speed and powerful drops.

      This is why Hyper Coasters often feature a series of hills and dynamic curves while Giga Coasters normally include more gradual curves and larger turns to maintain high speeds throughout the ride.

      As far as the number of these types of coasters found around the world, Giga Coasters are rarer than Hyper Coasters. 

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