11 Best Worlds of Fun Tips

Have you ever gone to a theme park and realized it would've been a lot easier if you had known certain things ahead of time?

Regardless of whether your answer is yes or no, you won't be making that mistake (again, or for the first time!) at Worlds of Fun after reading this guide.

worlds of fun mamba

Table of Contents

  1. Height Wristband
  2. Refillable Souvenir Cup
  3. Double Check Your Tickets
  4. Know Which are the Top Coasters
  5. Attire & Order to Visit Parks
  6. Rent a Locker
  7. Know your Food Options
  8. Go on a Weekday
  9. Visit Planet Snoopy
  10. Free Iced Water
  11. Stay at Worlds of Fun Village

1. Height Wristband

Traveling with children? Make sure that you stop by guest services to receive a height wristband.

worlds of fun wristband

What is a Height Wristband?

It's a wristband that certifies that your child is tall enough to ride certain rides.

Each ride has a height requirement and normally in the front of the ride (prior to entering the line), there's a sign where kids can see how they measure up.

Having to do this for every ride, the entire day can add up.

A height wristband will save you time, as you wont have to step aside throughout the day for your child to measure up, as your wristband certifies that your child is tall enough.

 height measurement

2. Refillable Souvenir Cup

If you're looking to quench your thirst with something other than water, invest in a refillable souvenir cup.

worlds of fun souvenir bottle

For $14 you can purchase this cup and have unlimited refills throughout the day.

There are many 'refresh stations' located around the park and this will absolutely come in handy throughout the day in the humidity.

Another nice perk is if you decide to come back and visit again, you can bring your souvenir cup and only pay $1 for each refill.


3. Double Check Your Tickets

We can't tell you how many time we've seen visitors walk up to the gate, to only then realize that their tickets don't include what they thought.

Most tickets will include admission to both Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun, and our tickets certainly do.

 worlds of fun mamba

Btw you can Save $10+ per Ticket on the weekends when you purchase with us.

If you want more information on what the park offers, and what different events occur throughout the different seasons, visit our Worlds of Fun page.

Make sure that you double check what your tickets include!

For Your Information

Oceans of fun is the tropically themed water park located right next to Worlds of Fun.


4. Know the Top Coasters

Knowing which rides are the top rides of the park will not only help you know which ones that you can't miss, but it'll give you a better understanding of where the crowds will be.

worlds of fun coaster

But we wont just tell you what the rides are like, below we've attached Point of View videos to show you!


Featuring a height of 205 feet, Mamba is the fastest, longest and tallest rollercoaster in the park!

If you're an adrenaline junkie, this is a ride that you certainly can't miss. Good luck with those first two drops btw!


This fan favorite inverted coaster can go to speeds of up to 65 miles per hour, all while performing corkscrews with you riding along.

If you've never ridden an inverted coaster, it's a unique experience as the rails are actually positioned above your head, with your seat attached below it.

Whereas the traditional roller coaster has the rails located below your feet.


Ah the beauty of wooden roller coasters. Prowler showcases a 3,000+ foot track including exhilarating twists and turns.

Like most wooden roller coasters, everything as far as 'what you feel' is amplified, which means this ride isn't for the faint of heart.


5. Know What to Wear & What Order to Visit the Parks

In order to enter World of Fun, guests must wear shirt and shoes along with short/pants.

Why is This Important?

Oceans of Fun is a Water Park so visitors naturally come in bathing suits.

oceans of fun

However they make the mistake of thinking that they can also enter Worlds of Fun in their bathing suits.

The Best Order to Visit the Parks

Due to all of this, the easiest way to visit the parks is by visiting Worlds of Fun first, and then afterwards you can cool off and spend the rest of your day in the water at Oceans of Fun.

To be clear, you can still wear your bathing suit to Worlds of Fun, but it will have to be covered with other clothing.

You can find more information in the Worlds of Fun FAQ page.


6. Rent a Locker

This brings us to our next tip, if you're planning on bringing extra clothes for Oceans of Fun, ensure that you rent a locker. 

You'll be able to store your stuff there worry-free while you enjoy yourself at the park, and then you can change out into your bathing suit and make your way to the water park.


7. Know Your Food Options

If you're spending an entire day at a theme park, you're bound to get hungry eventually.

And we can attest to this, it's a lot harder to think when you're hungry! The last thing that you'll want to figure out is which food places sell what types of food.

So don't worry, we've done it all for you below.

worlds of fun auntie annes


Grab a delicious pretzel in the newly opened Auntie Anne's pretzels.

Big Jack's - Cool off with frozen drinks such as Piña coladas, Fanta Cherry Limeade, or even a frozen Coca cola. 

Dippin Dots - Ice cream. Do we need to say anything else? 

Cotton Blossom Turkey Legs - Jumbo slow smoked turkey legs or BBQ styled food. Make your choice.

worlds of fun turkey legs

Fast Food Options

Panda Express



Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Do you have a food allergy, or are just looking for healthier alternatives? We've got you covered.

Prospector's Burritos - A full gluten free menu featuring build your own burritos and burrito bowls. Plant based alternatives are also available.

Beach Bites - Build your own fruit bowl or grab a fresh smooth for a delicious poolside treat or checkout the new plant-based burgers and chicken tenders from Beyond.

worlds of fun beachbites

Gold Rush Pizza - Pizza, salads and garlic knots. 

You can find a full list of food options on the WOF site.


Belly up Bar - Looking for alcohol? Look no further. The Belly up Bar is a swim-up bar with an adult-only pool.

Don't forget your ID! You must be at least 21 years of age.


8. Go on a Weekday

The best time to visit the park is during the summer! Which means everyone else is also trying to go during this time, and on the weekends in particular.

By going during the week you'll get the best of both worlds, less crowds during peak season along with the best weather.


9. Visit Planet Snoopy

A comment that we hear from park-goers every year is about how nice this Planet Snoopy is.

Worlds of fun is a giant park which allows Planet Snoopy to be very spacious, and honestly it's a giant area that features 15+ rides.

If you have kids under 36", there are a ton of rides that are offered for them.

Although Planet Snoopy is commonly associated with kids, this area is not just designed for kids, but for families!

worlds of fun planet snoopy

Meaning on most rides, adults can bond and enjoy all of the fun with their kids.


10. Free Iced Water 

Don't make the rookie mistake of being dehydrated at the park in the Missouri heat.

Free iced water is available at any drink station or restaurant.

iced water 

11. Stay at Worlds of Fun Village

Did you know that there are other much closer alternatives than hotels? 

Located a short walk away from the

park, there are fully equipped RV sites, family cabins and cozy woodside cottage rentals.

worlds of fun rv

Conveniently there's also a refreshing pool and a hot tub in this area as well.

You can get a sneak peek of all of this below.