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Soak City's ValleyFair: All You Need to Know

Soak City in Valleyfair is a 3.5 acre water park that features a giant 350,000 gallon wave pool, several different types of water slides, and an interactive water play area.

In this page, we'll explain everything that Soak City in Valleyfair offers, and which ones you absolutely can't miss.

    Water Slides

    Breakers Plunge

    Featuring a 90 foot free fall, this slide will have your adrenaline pumping before even sliding down!

    breakers plunge valleyfair

    This blue and green water slide can be seen from quite a distance away as it towers over Soak City.

    You don't have to believe us, you can see for yourself below!

    In order to ride this ride, guests will have to climb up 148 stairs to reach the top of the tower. 

    Breakers Pipeline

    Conveniently located right next to Breakers Plunge, Breakers Pipeline literally has the floor fall from underneath you after a 3 second countdown.

    Although not as tall at its counterpart, it is still an impressive 65 foot water slide that will have you swept off your feet (literally).

    On this slide, you'll be inside of the tubes throughout the duration of the ride until you finally reach the end and emerge outside.

    You'll want to watch this, in order to mentally prepare.


    Panic Falls - Body Slides

    Three different tubes where you can race vs your friends to see who will make it to the pool first!

    panic falls body slides

    This slide is unique in many ways as it'll navigate through sharp turns with a mixture of open and closed tubing. 

    This slide is always a very popular ride as it is the ultimate competition for visitors.

    Panic Falls - Speed Slides

    Located right next to the body slides, are the 2 speed slides. 

    Two 50 feet, straight, free fall slides with a very big drop that ends in a giant splash.

    panic falls speed slides valleyfair

    If you're planning on racing, Panic Falls is the place to go.

    Lazy River

    Ripple Rapids

    Hop on a see-through tube and relax your day away by floating through this gentle lazy river that spans 1,200+ feet.

    ripple rapids valley fair

    The depth of this river is 30" meaning most guests will be able to easily walk through it if they decide that they're done floating.


    You'll also float by several lifeguards while drifting around the park.

    Rapid River

    Raging Rapids

    Unlike Ripple Rapids, this is a very fast moving river ride that simulates whitewater rapids.

    Visitors will make their way through waterfalls, tunnels, and rapids while anxiously awaiting what adventure their next turn will hold.

    raging rapids valleyfair

    Hang on to your tube and prepare to get soaked!

    Wave Pool

    Breakers Bay

    This 350,000 gallon wave pool simulates ocean-like waves providing maximum fun.

    The waves are on a 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off system, which gives you plenty of time to prepare for the waves, or relax while they're off.

    breakers bay wave pool

    The pool depth starts at 0 feet and the closer that you move towards the 'Valleyfair' sign, the deeper it gets until it reaches 6 feet.


    Life jackets are available, and children under 48" are required to wear one.

    Life guards are positioned on both sides of the wave pool to ensure everyone is safe at all times.

    Family Raft Ride

    Hurricane Falls

    A giant multi person family raft ride that will give you an experience of a lifetime.

    You and your group will be laughing and hanging on as the raft makes its way down while spinning and navigating tough turns until finally reaching the end.. Straight into the pool!

    hurricane falls valleyfair

    This is a must do experience if you're visiting the park in a group, as afterwards it is something that you'll be talking about for years to come.

    Kids Water Play Area

    Splash Station

    Designed for younger visitors, the Splash Station is a small area consisting of shallow water, and a structure full of pipes where water is leaking out from all sorts of directions to provide younger visitors the ultimate fun.

    splash station valleyfair

    Beach chairs are also available in on the edge of this water area for parents to be able to relax and still keep a watchful eye.

    Barefoot Beach

    Buckets, slides and ultimate fun. A family friendly splash pad consisting of almost an acre in length, it's a bit different from the splash station.

    Where the splash station has shallow water, barefoot beach doesn't have a pool area but has larger water structures that visitors will be able to walk on and climb, along with water fountain spouts poking out from the floor.

    barefoot beach valleyfair

    Some nice features of this area include containing shaded areas and there are also beach chairs positioned all around the area.

    Veteran Tips

    Hot Floor

    The ground gets really hot due to the sun, and this can become a problem for you when you're barefoot walking around the water park.

    An easy solution to this is investing in some water shoes or aquatic socks!

    According to Soak City's Water Park information site "Aqua socks and aquatic style footwear are permitted on Hurricane Falls, Ripple Rapids, Raging Rapids, Splash Station, Breakers Bay, and Barefoot Beach." 

    Cabana Rentals

    Rent a Cabana! Cabanas often sell out so you'll want to reserve your cabana in advance. 

    valleyfair soak city cabana

    They are 10 foot by 10 foot cabanas that include 6 guests and 2 lounge chairs, poolside and drink service, a fan for a nice breeze, a tv and a personal care basket to name a few perks.

    Cabanas are an additional cost.

    You can reserve your cabana directly through Valleyfair.


    Lifejackets are complimentary for all guests.


    Lockers are available for use right next to the bathhouses. Lockers are available in different sizes and they use electronic pin codes for maximum security.

    You can rent a locker using a credit card or cash.

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