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Ultimate Disney Springs Parking Guide: Know Before You Go

Parking options at Disney Springs at first glance might be a bit overwhelming.

In this page, we will explain all of the parking options available, how they're different from each other, which parking garages to choose from, and how much parking costs.

disney springs parking garage

    Types of Parking at Disney Springs

    There are three different types of parking available at Disney Springs, Garage parking, Surface parkingand Valet parking.

    Every parking option at Disney Springs is free except Valet parking ($20).

    Every parking option has its perks, and some are closer to different parts of Disney Springs than others.

    3 Different Parking Garages

    The Lime garage and Orange garage are very similar and located close to each other, while the Grapefruit garage is the largest, but will require more walking as it is the furthest away.

    Lime Parking Garage

    parking at disney springs lime garage

    Lime Garage Operating Hours: 9 AM - 2 AM.

    The Lime Garage is the perfect spot to park if you plan on being near the following Disney Springs areas:

    • Town Center
    • The Landing
    • Marketplace

    The Lime Garage has 5 floors of availability, with built-in escalators, digital number boxes that show available parking on each floor, as well as color-coded lights in each row.

    disney springs parking garage

    All of these features allow guests to seamlessly find a parking spot, get out of their vehicle, and walk to Disney Springs with minimal waits.

    escalators at disney springs lime garage

    The days of needing to slowly drive by every row and floor to find a parking spot are long gone.

    Orange Parking Garage

    Orange Garage Operating Hours: 9 AM - 2 AM.

    The Orange Garage is the perfect spot to park if you plan on being near the West Side of Disney Springs.

    orange garage disney springs

    Most visitors that park here are visiting ultra-popular areas such as House of Blues, Splitsville, Jaleo, and Planet Hollywood. 

    The main differences between the Orange Garage and the Lime Garage are that they are located in different areas, and the Orange Garage has two exits/entrances, while the Lime Garage has one.

    One entrance/exit of the Orange Garage will place you right in front of Splitsville (the Westside), while the other one will place you right in front of Planet Hollywood (right in between the West Side and Town Center).

    Just like the Lime Garage, it features 5 floors of availability, with built-in escalators, digital number boxes that show available parking on each floor, as well as color-coded lights in each row.

    Grapefruit Parking Garage

    grapefruit garage disney springs

    Orange Garage Operating Hours: 9 AM - 2 AM.

    The Grapefruit parking garage is perfect for those who don't mind a bit of walking, enjoy scenic views, and aren't afraid of heights.

    This garage will place you right in the Marketplace area of Disney Springs, right in front of the World of Disney.

    world of disney disney springs

    The Grapefruit garage is located directly across the street from the Lime garage, and right next to the Disney Springs gas station.

    However, rather than needing to walk across the street, and wait for pedestrian signs to let you walk, there are walkways available.

    These walkways are directly connected to the garage and allow you to walk right above the street, and it eventually connects directly to Disney Springs.

    walkway disney springs grapefruit

    Regardless of what level of the garage you decide to park in, you'll need to head to Level 3 to use the walkway.

    level 3 grapefruit garage

    This garage works just as the Lime and Orange garages do, however, they're noticeably much larger.

    The rows, spaces between cars, and the parking garage itself feel much larger than the other two.

    Another unique aspect of this garage is that there are tons of Electric Vehicle parking spots available.

    This perk allows guests to seamlessly plug their car in and allow their vehicle to charge, while they can enjoy Disney Springs, and by the time they are finished, their car is fully charged.

    electric vehicle parking grapefruit garage

    Surface Parking

    Watermelon & Mango Lots Operating Hours: 9 AM - 2 AM.

    Surface parking is a parking area located in a regular outdoor lot.

    watermelon and mango surface parking lot disney springs

    Disney Springs also offers several Surface Parking options, most notably the Strawberry, Watermelon, and Mango Parking lots.

    Pros of Surface Parking

    • It's a one-level parking area, which means no need to climb stairs, remember which parking garage you parked at, or even at which level
    • You won't feel crammed
    • It's located right outside of Cirque Du Soleil, House of Blues, and Splitsville

    surface parking lot disney springs

    Cons of Surface Parking

    • If it rains, you'll get wet on your way to your car or on the way out of your car
    • Parking spots fill up quickly
    • It's harder to spot open parking spots (no light system available that the parking garages use)

    Valet Parking

    Valet Parking costs $20, and is available at Disney Springs in the following 3 locations:

    1. Orange Garage
    2. Cirque Du Soleil (Open from 4 PM to 2 AM)
    3. Lemon Lot (Open from 10 AM to 2 AM)

    valet parking disney springs 

    Can You Leave Your Car Overnight?

    You are not able to leave your car overnight at Disney Springs as your car will be towed.

    Due to this, guests will want to plan accordingly.

    If you are not a big fan of driving late, you'll want to consider using a ride-sharing service. 

    Guests can be picked up/dropped off at the Marketplace Bus loop. 

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