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Lime Garage at Disney Springs: Everything You Want to Know

Disney Springs is one of the most popular attractions in all of Orlando, which means that parking spots can quickly fill up, especially on the weekends.

In this page, we will explain what the Lime parking garage is, what makes it different from the other garages, and where it's located.

What is the Lime Parking Garage?

The Lime parking garage is one of the three parking garages (Lime, Orange & Grapefruit) in Disney Springs.

lime garage disney springs

The Lime garage is typically the most popular parking garage due to being the only garage in the center of all of the different areas of Disney Springs.

After exiting your vehicle and taking the stairs/escalators down, you'll find yourself right in the Town Center area of Disney Springs, next to the Ron Jon Surf Shop and The Polite Pig restaurant.

lime garage stairs and escalators


What Does the Lime Garage Offer?

The Lime Garage has 5 floors of availability, with built in escalators, elevators, digital number boxes that show available parking in each floor, as well as color-coded lights in each row.

disney springs parking garage

In each floor, there is a digital number box near the ceiling that will let you know how many spots are available in each floor.

Additionally, there are individual color coded lights at each spot that will signify if a parking spot is taken (red), or if a parking spot is available (green).

All of these features allow guests to seamlessly find a parking spot, get out of their vehicle, and walk to Disney Springs with minimal waits.

Use the Walkway

The Walkway is what will connect you directly to Disney Springs.

Regardless of what level of the garage that you decide to park, you'll want to head to level 2 afterwards.

You can do this by simply following the signs that are placed all around the garage.lime garage walkway

using the walkway lime garage

Where is the Lime Garage Located?

The Lime garage is located right next to the shopping stores strip that Disney Springs offers.

Some of their popular stores include:

  • Sephora
  • Under Armour
  • Love Pop
  • Superdry
  • Luxury of Time by Diamonds International
  • Coach
  • Pandora Jewelry

When to Park at the Lime Garage

Whenever you can find a spot, seriously!

The Lime garage is the most convenient parking garage in all of Disney Springs, as you can visit any part of the Springs and still not have a far walk back to your car.

The best time to park in this garage is early in the morning/afternoon.

Around night time, there's a very good chance this garage will be completely full.

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