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Can You Go to Disney Springs Without a Park Ticket? | Explained

Visitors need tickets to enter actual Disney theme parks, but do they need them for Disney Springs?

In this page, we'll cover if you can go to Disney Springs without a park ticket.

    Can You Go to Disney Springs Without a Park Ticket?

    You do not need a park ticket to enter Disney Springs, as it is free for guests to enter. Parking for guests is also free of charge.

    Guests will be able to enter and walk around the entire area without having to spend any money.

    can you go to disney springs without a park ticket

    What Does Disney Springs Offer?

    Disney Springs is a 120 acre old-fashioned district that is designed for guests of all ages to walk around and have unique experiences. There are shows, a theatre, , a bowling alley, plenty of restaurants, the famous House of Blues, water tour and a train ride for the kiddos.

    • AMC Dine in Theatre
    • Aerophile - The World Leader in Balloon Flight
    • Cirque du Soleil
    • Coca-Cola Polar Bear Photo Op Experience
    • The Edison Live Entertainment
    • Fall at Disney Springs
    • House of Blues Music Hall
    • Marketplace Carousel
    • Marketplace Train Express
    • Raglan Road Live Music
    • Splitsville Luxury Lanes
    • Vintage Amphicar
    • Waterview Park

    disney springs

    Parking at Disney Springs

    Self-parking at Disney Springs is free including their garages and surface lots. 

    The best place to park in Disney Springs is the Lime Garage, as it has five floors of availability and is right next to the entrance.

    Unlike most parking garages where there are only elevators and stairs, the Lime garage has escalators going up and down which makes for a seamless transition leaving your car and entering Disney Springs.

    We've created a detailed guide about everything that you need to know when  Parking at Disney Springs.

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