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What is the Disney Springs Mask Policy? | Easily Explained

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many businesses to shift how they operate in order to minimize contact.

In this page, we will cover what the Disney Springs mask policy is, and whether or not masks are required.

What is the Disney Springs Mask Policy?

Wearing a mask or face covering at Disney Springs is not required, as it is optional.

disney springs facemask

This includes using any Disney transportation (such as buses) from or to Disney Springs.

disney springs buses

Additionally - there are multiple hand sanitizing stations that are located around the Disney property.

This is the case in not just Disney Springs, but all of Disney property in Florida.

Previous Mask Policy & Timeline

No face covering being required is a recent policy change, as this was not always the case.

When Disney re-opened to the public in 2020, masks were required for both visitors and cast members outdoors, indoors, and while using any transportation.

inside disney springs bus

The policy eventually shifted to vaccinated guests not being required to wear a mask outdoors, but only indoors and while using transportation.

In 2022, the policy finally changed to face coverings no longer being required for all guests.

Can You Still Wear a Mask?

If you live in Florida, masks haven't been a required 'thing' in quite some time.

However, if you travel to other states and even other countries, mask mandates are still in effect.

Visitors are absolutely allowed to wear masks at Disney Springs if they would like to, and it's common to still see some visitors wearing masks around the property.

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