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World of Disney Store at Disney Springs | Everything You Need to Know

The World of Disney Store is one of the most popular stores in all of Disney Springs.

In this page, we will explain what the store offers, why it's so popular, and our best tips on how to save time while shopping there.

world of disney store disney springs

What is the World of Disney Store?

The World of Disney Store is a shopping store that offers every and any type of Disney related merchandise, all under one roof.

Rather than needing to travel to each Disney park (and property) to purchase items that are usually only found at that location, it can be bought at the World of Disney Store.

world of disney store 50th annniversary

Some of the most popular items include:

  • Clothes
  • Backpacks
  • Hats/Mickey ears
  • Toys
  • Pillows
  • Mugs
  • Pins
  • Jewelry
  • And even home décor

Visitors can simply walk in the store and purchase any Disney related merchandise of their choosing.

world of disney store jewelry

The Layout of the Store

The World of Disney Store has 3 separate entrances.

The main entrance is in the front, while the two additional entrances are located on the side, most notably one that leads directly to the Waterside stage.

The main entrance is the center of the store, where you'll be greeted by a huge open area, along with a painting of the 50th anniversary of Disney World castle.

world of disney store main entrance

The store is then split up in different sections, all around this main entrance.

Each section has their own different theme, where all merchandise and items in that section are strictly related to that theme.

For example, the Marvel section will have all merchandise from the present and past related to Marvel Entertainment.

marvel world of disney store 

marvel stand at world of disney store

Just as the Star Wars section of the store, will have items themed specifically around Star Wars.

star wars world of disney store

star wars clothes world of disney store

Why is the World of Disney Store So Popular?

The World of Disney Store is mainly popular due to the convenience of being able to purchase any item under one location.

Another underrated perk is that they don't just offer the latest items that are out in the current year.

They also offer items/merchandise from past years and items that were only available for limited time events in previous years.

Use Mobile Checkout

The World of Disney store has been absolutely packed almost every time that we've visited.

world of disney store checkout line

The best way to avoid waiting in the long regular lines is by using Mobile Checkout.

mobile checkout world of disney store disney springs

How Mobile Checkout Works

Using the MyDisneyExperience app, you'll login using your email and password.

You'll then select the + icon in the bottom center of the app, and select 'Shop in Store'.

shop in store my disney experience app

Select the World of Disney store at Disney Springs.

world of disney store disney springsYou'll then use your phone as a Self-Checkout as you would at any grocery store.

You'll scan the barcode of each item individually using your phone, and once you're done, you'll select 'Checkout'.

You'll then pay for your items using the card that is attached to your account inside of the app.

Once that is complete, you can simply show your QR code (on your phone) to a Cast Member, and then you can exit the store as you're all done!

show qr code to staff member to finish mobile checkout

Where is the World of Disney Store Located?

The World of Disney Store is located in the Marketplace side of Disney Springs, across from the Waterside stage, and next to the Lego Store.

Where to Park for the World of Disney Store

Carrying multiple bags of your purchases for long distances is never fun, which makes parking close to this store very important.

The closest parking areas to the World of Disney Store are the Grapefruit garage, Lime garage or the Lemon parking lot.

After parking your vehicle in the Grapefruit garage, the walkways/bridge will lead you directly in front of World of Disney.

After parking in the Lime garage, you'll simply take the escalators down and immediately make a right. 

You'll walk for a few minutes until you see the Lego Store, and the World of Disney Store will be located right next to it.

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