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Surface Parking at Disney Springs: Know Before You Go

Disney Springs has a variety of parking options to choose from.

In this page, we will explain what the Surface Parking option is, how it works, and when to consider parking there.

What is Surface Parking at Disney Springs?

Surface parking is a parking area that isn't located inside of a parking garage structure, but rather in a regular outdoor lot.

watermelon and mango surface parking lot disney springs

Disney Springs has several giant different parking garages including:

Disney Springs also offers several Surface Parking options, most notably the Strawberry, Watermelon and Mango Parking lots.

Pros of Surface Parking

  • It's a one level parking area, which means no need to climb stairs, remember which parking garage you parked at, or even at which level
  • You won't feel crammed
  • It's located right outside of Cirque Du Soleil, House of Blues and Splitsville

surface parking lot disney springs

Cons of Surface Parking

  • If it rains, you'll get wet on your way to your car or on the way out of your car
  • Parking spots fill up quickly
  • It's harder to spot open parking spots (no light system available that the parking garages use)

How Does Surface Parking Work?

Surface Parking is pretty straightforward. 

There will be signs placed on all of the roads that will point you towards Surface Parking or the Parking garages.

disney springs surface parking sign on road

You'll want to follow those signs and stay in the appropriate lanes, until you're able to see the outdoor parking lots.

The Watermelon and Mango parking lots are located right outside of Cirque du Soleil, while the Strawberry parking lot is located on the side of House of Blues.

disney springs surface parking sign

You'll simply follow the Surface Parking signs that will lead you to an outdoor lot, and then you'll park in any available parking spot.

Valet Parking is also available when you're Surface parking, and it's located right outside of Cirque du Soleil.

valet parking disney springs

When to Choose Surface Parking

If you're planning on attending House of Blues or anything on the Westside of Disney Springs.

house of blues disney springs

If you aren't interested in driving through several floors of parking garages to find parking, or if you aren't afraid of being rained on.

Although we normally prefer to park in the Lime Garage at Disney Springs, Surface Parking is a nice change of pace due to its outdoor nature and simplicity.

Surface Parking fills up very quickly, so you'll want to keep in mind that if you're arriving to the park later in the day, a better option will be to park in one of the garages.

When to Not Choose Surface Parking

If there's a chance of rain that day and you don't want to get wet trying to get to your car.

If you're a bit impatient and don't want to spend several minutes looking for parking spots the old-fashioned way (driving by slowly looking for empty spots).

Parking garages have a light system in each row, that shows the color green for the exact spot where the parking spot is available, and red for when they're taken.

disney springs parking garage light system

This makes it extremely easy to find parking spots.

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