Grapefruit Garage at Disney Springs: Everything You Want to Know

Disney Springs is one of the most popular attractions in all of Orlando, which means that parking spots can quickly fill up, especially on the weekends.

In this page, we will explain what the Grapefruit parking garage is, what makes it different from the other garages, and where it's located.

What is the Grapefruit Parking Garage?

The Grapefruit parking garage is one of the three parking garages (Lime, Orange & Grapefruit) in Disney Springs.

grapefruit garage disney springs

The Grapefruit parking garage is perfect for those who don't mind a bit of walking, enjoy scenic views, and aren't afraid of heights.

This garage will place you right in the Marketplace area of Disney Springs, right in front of World of Disney (after using the walkway).

world of disney disney springs

This garage is typically the one that fills up last, but in our opinion is the best.

It feels much larger than the Orange and Lime Garage in terms of the rows while driving your car through, and parking spaces.

The days of needing to slowly drive by every row and floor, to find a parking spot are long gone.

What Does the Grapefruit Garage Offer?

The Grapefruit Garage has 5 floors of availability, with built in escalators, elevators, digital number boxes that show available parking in each floor, as well as color-coded lights in each row.

elevators and escalators in grapefruit garage

All of these features allow guests to seamlessly find a parking spot, get out of their vehicle, and walk to Disney Springs with minimal waits.

Where is the Grapefruit Garage Located?

The Grapefruit garage is located directly across the street from the Lime garage, and right next to the Disney Springs gas station.

Use the Walkway/Bridge to Get to Disney Springs

However, rather than needing to walk across the street, and wait for pedestrian signs to let you walk, there are walkways available.

Regardless of what level of the garage that you decide to park, you'll need to head to Level 3 to use the walkway/bridge.

level 3 grapefruit garage

These walkways are directly connected to the garage, and allow you to walk right above the street, and it eventually connects directly to Disney Springs.

walkway disney springs grapefruit

To get to Disney Springs, you'll have to use two (connecting) walkways in total.

In between the two walkways, there's a small area where cast members are positioned, and if you make a right, it's also where the Casting Building is located.

walkway grapfruit disney springs

However, you'll simply follow the Disney Springs sign that points to the left.

This will take you to the second connecting walkway, directly over vehicle traffic.

using the walkway to disney springs

Once you reach the end of this walkway, there will be stairs that you'll take downwards, and you'll right in front of World of Disney.

stairs from grapefruit garage disney springs

Electric Vehicle Parking in the Grapefruit Garage

Another unique aspect of this garage is that there are tons of Electric Vehicle parking spots available.

This perk allows guests to seamlessly plug their car in and allow their vehicle to charge, while they can enjoy Disney Springs, and by the time they are finished their car is fully charged.

electric vehicle parking grapefruit garage

These EV parking spots are located right next to the walkway/bridge and escalators.

When to Park at the Grapefruit Garage

When we plan on dining at one of our favorite restaurants (such as Frontera Cocina) to end the night, we park in the Grapefruit garage as the walk will allow us to digest our food on the way to the car.

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