Orange Garage at Disney Springs: Everything You Want to Know

Disney Springs is one of the most popular attractions in all of Orlando, which means that parking spots can quickly fill up, especially on the weekends.

In this page, we will explain what the Orange parking garage is, what makes it different from the other garages, and where it's located.

What is the Orange Parking Garage?

The Orange parking garage is one of the three parking garages (Lime, Orange & Grapefruit) in Disney Springs

orange parking garage disney springs

The Orange garage is usually the most popular parking garage, after the Lime garage.

Parking at the Orange garage will place you closet to the West Side of Disney Springs.

Most visitors that park here are visiting ultra popular areas such as House of Blues, Splitsville, Jaleo, and Planet Hollywood. 

planet hollywood orange garage

Two Entrances/Exits

The Orange Garage has two exits/entrances that will each take you to a different part of Disney Springs (while the Lime garage has one).

One entrance/exit of the Orange Garage will place you right in front of Splitsville (the Westside).

The other one will place you right in front of Planet Hollywood (right in between the West Side and Town Center).

What Does the Orange Garage Offer?

orange garage disney springs

The Orange Garage has 5 floors of availability, with built in escalators, elevators, digital number boxes that show available parking in each floor, as well as color-coded lights in each row.

In each floor, there is a digital number box near the ceiling that will let you know how many spots are available in each floor.

Additionally, there are individual color coded lights at each spot that will signify if a parking spot is taken (red), or if a parking spot is available (green).

All of these features allow guests to seamlessly find a parking spot, get out of their vehicle, and walk to Disney Springs with minimal waits.

Provides Safety vs the Florida Weather

One of the most underrated perks of Disney parking garages are that they will prevent you from getting wet.

The Florida rain can come out of nowhere, and getting wet on the way to your car is never a good feeling!

The Orange parking garage allows you to stay dry without having to run to your car.

Use the Walkway

orange garage walkway disney springs

The Walkway is what will connect you directly to Disney Springs.

Regardless of what level of the garage that you decide to park, you'll want to head to level 2 afterwards.

You can do this by simply following the signs that are placed all around the garage.

Where is the Orange Garage Located?

The Orange garage is located right next to the West Side of Disney Springs featuring popular areas such as:

orange parking garage at disney springs

When to Park at the Orange Garage

When you're:

  • Planning on visiting the West Side of Disney Springs
  • Are planning to use the Disney Buses (it's located right next to the Disney Bus stop)
  • Want to park as close as possible to Disney Springs

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