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3 Best Places to Get Coffee at Disney Springs | [SOLVED]

If you're anything like us, your day doesn't officially begin until you get coffee in your system.

In this page, we'll explain the best places to get coffee at Disney Springs, and how to get there.

Starbucks at the West Side

Starbucks at the West Side is our go-to option anytime that we visit Disney Springs.

starbucks at the west side disney springs

This Starbucks is gigantic and typically has the least amount of lines, and is located right across from the Star Wars Galactic Outpost.

star wars galactic outpost disney springs

Parking in the Orange garage will be your closest option to this Starbucks.

You'll simply exit the Orange garage, head straight until you see the AMC theatre and then make a right.

Continue straight for about a minute and Starbucks will be located on your left.

inside of starbucks at the west side disney springs

Joffrey's at the Marketplace

joffreys coffee and tea at disney springs

The one downside about any Starbucks at Disney properties is that the lines can be extremely long during the busier times of the day.

If you're not interested in waiting in these long lines, Joffrey's is a perfect alternative.

Along with being a coffee & tea company, they also offer delicious handcrafted smoothies.

Joffrey's is located right next to Wetzel's Pretzels.

While we haven't had it at Disney Springs specifically, we've had Joffrey's multiple times at EPCOT and it was extremely delicious and authentic.

joffreys coffee and tea at epcot

You'll also want to park at the Lime garage if you plan on making a visit to Joffrey's.

Starbucks at the Marketplace

This Starbucks location is in the perfect spot, as it's surrounded by both stores and restaurants.

It's also about a 30 second walk away from all of the retails stores.

The only downside of this location is that it's often filled with long lines due to being located in such a popular spot. 

starbucks at the marketplace disney springs

Starbucks at the Marketplace is positioned in between the World of Disney Store and the Lego Store.

Parking in the Lime Garage will position you as close as possible to this Starbucks.

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