18 Best SeaWorld Orlando Tips That You Can't Miss

In this guide, we will cover our best tips for SeaWorld Orlando to ensure that you arrive to the park extremely prepared, and know all of the 'hacks' to maximize your time and money.

Table of Contents

  1. Know About the Child Swap System
  2. Don't Pay Full Price
  3. Visit the Mime
  4. Rent a Locker
  5. Arrive Early
  6. Watch Out for Afternoon Rain Showers
  7. Bring a Poncho
  8. Visit the Aquarium
  9. Know the Show Times
  10. Grab a Park Map
  11. Feed the Animals
  12. Know How Quick Queue Passes Work
  13. Bring a Jacket
  14. Take a Picture of Where You Parked
  15. Prepare for Large Crowds
  16. Know About Free Parking
  17. Download the App
  18. Upgrade to Preferred Parking

1. Traveling with Kids? Know about the Child Swap/Rider Switch System

There is a child swap system that is extremely convenient for guests, as parents can take turns on a ride rather than waiting in line twice.

seaworld orlando penguin

How it Works: Parents who are visiting with children (whose kids do not meet the height requirement for the ride) can take turns being able to experience the ride. 

One adults get in to ride, while the other adult 'sits on the sidelines' with the child, on the 'exit side' of the ride.

When the ride is finished, the adults switch places, and now the other adult (who was originally sitting out) is riding the ride, and the other adult is sitting out with the child.

This solves a huge problem, which back in the day only one parent could ride, and then they would have to get off of the ride, all the way to the back of the line and wait to ride again. 

The best part of all of this is the staff is very familiar with this process and they make it a seamless process. They typically direct the families/adults on when to go and where exactly to go to prevent confusion and keep the rides moving smoothly.

2. Don't Pay Full Price

When you purchase with us, you can Save $30+ per ticket, and you'll also be able to skip the line by going straight to the gate.

You can learn more about our process and how we're able to do this through our Authorized Theme Park Ticket Reseller page

3. Visit the Mime

Sea Lion High: The New Class has a mime that performs and entertains the guests before the show begins.

seaworld orlando mime

This entertaining mime is often referred to as "being worth the price of admission".

The comedic mime has a special talent as he 'messes' with visitors that are entering the stadium (all without saying a word of course) and he is constantly moving around, so make sure you keep your eye on him!

You'll want to ensure that you arrive early to this show, as he often is received with cheers by the fans as soon as he makes his appearance. 

sealion high

4. Take Advantage of Multi Use Lockers

If you haven't heard of these, they're about to become your best friend.

The days of having to pay for separate individual lockers every time that you want to ride a different ride are over.

seaworld orlando lockers

Multi-use lockers are designed for storing your belongings for multiple rides. This means you'll be able to store your stuff in locker 1, ride the ride, then pull your belongings out, store them in locker 2 and repeat.

The storing process is pretty straightforward, you'll create a 7 digit code in order to move through different locker locations.

Then you'll have a 4 digit code to actually open the locker.

Make sure that you take notes of these codes in your notes app, or write it down somewhere.

If you lose or forget your codes, you'll have to track down a staff attendant, provide the locker number and let him know what belongings were in your locker along with a photo identification (once the locker is opened by the staff attendant) to retrieve your items.

  • A normal single use locker costs $2.
  • A multi use locker costs $8.

5. Arrive Early or Get in a Little Later

When it comes to popular roller coasters such as Manta, the lines can become long very quickly.

seaworld manta

The best way to avoid the lines are by arriving early to the park (when they open), or just swinging by the ride later on in the day.

Later in the day parkgoers naturally are a bit more tired, and are less inclined to wait in long lines after being in the park the entire day.

Manta is a roller coaster ride where the ride simulates how a manta ray travels through the ocean. The best way to think about it is riders are in a "superman" position, leaned over flying through the air.

But don't worry, there is a leg rest to keep you safe and prevent your legs from moving all over the place.

6. Make Sure That You Have the Weather App on Your Phone

Florida weather can change at any moment. It can be sunny one minute, and then sunny and raining the next. How does that make any sense? It doesn't! But you still need to be prepared.

orlando weather app

Ensure that you have a weather app on your phone and make sure that you're checking it periodically throughout the day.

Something to keep in mind - During the summer in Florida, there are usually rain showers in the afternoon in the 1pm-3pm range that occurs like clockwork, no matter what the weather is on that day.

7. Have a Poncho Handy

Remember that tip about the weather? Well this tip goes hand in hand with it. 

Invest in a cheap poncho ahead of time, you can find different styled ones on Amazon and it will be cheaper than purchasing ponchos at the park.

This isn't just for the weather however.

Rides such as Journey to Atlantis and Infinity Falls are some rides that you can get soaked in. If you're planning on riding these, make sure you're prepared.

seaworld splash zone

8. Visit the Aquariums

There are some hidden gems around the park that are in Aquarium form. Some aquariums such as the Jewel of the Sea are a very unique sight to see whether you're waiting on riders, or even if you just finished riding.

jewel of the sea aquarium

It's a dark lit room with different glass windows where you can be inches of different marine life including jellyfish, clownfish, royal blue tang (dory) and more.

9. Have an Idea of Show Times Around the Park

Shows are often packed with large amounts of people which means when the show ends they all exit at the same time.

 seaworld orlando dolphins

Why should you care?

All rides and restaurants near the show will mostly be swarmed with people for the next 30 minutes, and the lines will be extra long.

For example, if the Dolphin Days show has just concluded at 11 am. You'll want to avoid that area for a while and plan on other rides/foods in the meantime, and then come back to that area afterwards. 

10. Grab a Park Map

You can pick up a physical park map at the entrance of the park or you can use this link to see the map from your phone as well.

seaworld orlando park map

Using a park map is very important as you can plan out which rides and shows to take advantage of while you're in the area.

Although SeaWorld has signs at every corner pointing to where you can find rides and shows, it's always helpful to see the big picture rather than just one area.

11. Take Advantage of a Unique Experience by Closely Feeding the Animals

There are different animals that you'll have the privilege to feed in the park at an additional cost including sting rays, dolphins & sea lions. Here we'll cover one of our favorites.

Stingray Lagoon

stingray lagoon

Petting the Stingrays

You are able to 'pet' the stingrays as they swim by and even feed them.

Here's how it works.

You will head to one of the sinks to wash your hands and then you can head to the lagoon to pet the stingrays. The stingrays will be swimming around in packs or alone. 

Most people don't know what to expect them to feel like, but we can say that their skin will feel buttery and smooth, so definitely prepare yourself for that!

Feeding the Stingrays

If you want to spend an additional few bucks, you can head to the window and purchase frozen fish that you'll be able use to feed them.

The mouth of these water pancakes are located on the bottom.

Due to this unlike most other animals, you'll want to put your hand in the water, and hold the fish as the stingray will swim over it.

It will feel like a vacuum is going over your hand, but fear not it will be perfectly safe.

12. Know How Quick Queue Passes Work

Quick queue passes can be purchased at an additional cost, however they allow you to skip the regular lines and enjoy front of the line access to some of the most popular attractions.

If you want to ride them more than once, well even better news.. with quick queue you'll be able to ride as many times as you want.

manta seaworld

When you purchase one of these passes, you'll be able to save time, but you'll also want to keep an eye out for signs that will point you to separate lines to be able to get to the rides faster.

Rides included with Quick Queue



Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

Journey to Atlantis


Wild Arctic

13. Bring a Jacket for Empire of the Penguin

Empire of the Penguin can get a little chilly as you'll be able to see five different species of penguins as well as their colony.

empire of the penguin seaworld

And whatever you do, don't go in there after just having gotten wet!

14. Take a Picture of the Row That you Parked in

Picture this: You've just had an amazing day at the park and then you head back to your car and realize... You don't remember where you parked. 

So then you spend the next 20 minutes going row by row trying to figure it out and by the time you find your car, you're frustrated and forgot about the great experience you've had all day.

You Can Avoid That Scenario by

Just taking a picture of the row after you've parked! SeaWorld has unique signs on each row where as long as you take a picture, you'll easily be able identify where your car is located after a long day at the park.

15. It Might be Hard to Send Pictures Inside the Park

On the busiest days at the park, the large crowds can at times give you some issues when you're trying to send selfies back to mom and dad or your friends.

failed to send

Texting usually isn't a problem but sending messages that use large amounts of data such as pictures or videos can give you the "failed to send" message.

The best way to get around this is by connecting to wifi while you take a break and eat at a restaurant, and then sending all images and videos at once (downside to this is it could drain your battery).

Or even just waiting until after the park.

16. Free Parking

If you're staying at a hotel or resort nearby, ask your hotel staff about shuttles. Hotels usually offer free transportation to and from the parks that will save you money.

seaworld parking

17. Download the Mobile App

You can download the app here.

The app is very useful as it can provide showtimes, interactive park map to find restrooms, and real time updates on wait times.

18. Preferred Parking is Available

If you're not a big fan of walking long distances to get to and from your car, you can purchase a preferred parking pass that begins at $30. 

It'll allow you to park very close to the park and you'll have more energy to use to have fun in the parks! 

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