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All Day Dining at SeaWorld Orlando: All You Need to Know

All Day Dining is one of the most popular add-on options at the SeaWorld park, but is it worth it?

In this page, we will explain what All Day Dining is, when to get it, when to not get it, and if it's worth it.

    What is All Day Dining at SeaWorld?

    All Day Dining is an additional purchase that allows visitors to pay once, and be eligible to eat food at different restaurants at the park throughout the day.

    seaworld orlando all day dining

    Visitors will be able to eat one meal every 90 minutes at participating restaurants.

    This means that after you've gone through the line and received your food, you'll have to wait 90 minutes before being able to grab your next plate. 

    It's important to know that the Adult and Child All Day Dining plans are different.

    Adult vs Children All Day Dining Plan

    Adult Dining Plan

    • The meal includes one entrée, one side item (or dessert), one (non-alcoholic) beverage

    It's important to know that the beverage option is not valid for water bottles, souvenir items, or alcoholic beverage

    Children Dining Plan

    • The meal includes only the kids meal entree.

    Participating Locations

    • Voyager's Smokehouse
    • Expedition Café
    • Captain Pete's Island Hot Dogs
    • Seafire Grill
    • Lakeside Grill
    • Altitude Burger
    • Panini Shore Café
    • Waterway Grill

      How Do They Know That You Have the All Day Dining Plan?

      Visitors will receive an All Day Dining wristband after purchase.

      Is All Day Dining Worth it?

      If you're spending the entire day at the SeaWorld Orlando park, the All Day Dining plan is absolutely worth it.

      Not only will you be able to grab food frequently throughout the day, but you'll save a lot of money along the way as well.

      The one aspect that you'll have to take into consideration is that the All Day Dining plan is only at participating restaurants.

      Plan Around the Participating Restaurants

      This means that when you are planning your day, you'll want to strategically plan to ride rides that will be near these restaurants, every few hours.

      seaworld orlando kraken

      Many guests forget about this until they're at the park and begin to get hungry, only to then realize that they have a lot of walking to do before they can eat.

      Don't make this mistake.

      Only Visiting the Park For a Few Hours

      If you're only planning to be at the park for a few hours, the All Day Dining plan may not be worth it to you.

      The reason is due to the 90 minute wait.

      If you are only going to be at the park for 3 hours, you'll only be getting 2 meals maximum, which may not be worth the cost.

      Where to Purchase an All Day Dining Pass

      Directly from the SeaWorld Orlando website, SeaWorld app, or at the SeaWorld park at kiosks that can be found around the park.

      seaworld orlando purchase kiosk
      buy all day dining on the seaworld app

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