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SeaWorld Orlando's Parking Options: Know Before You Go

SeaWorld Orlando offers a few different types of parking options for guests.

In this page, we'll explain exactly what every parking pass option at SeaWorld is, what to consider before purchasing one, and the easiest way to purchase a parking pass.

seaworld orlando parking lot

Available Parking Options at SeaWorld Orlando

There are four types of parking options available at the SeaWorld Park:

  1. General Parking ($32-$37)
  2. Preferred Parking ($47-58)
  3. VIP Parking ($63-74)
  4. RV Parking (~$55)
seaworld orlando parking prices

It's important to be aware of a few things when parking at SeaWorld Orlando including:

  • Each vehicle must purchase their own Parking Pass.
  • Parking Prices fluctuate by day/season (and are typically more expensive during weekends and special events such as holidays).
  • Parking is non-refundable.
seaworld orlando entrance sign

1. General Parking at SeaWorld Orlando

General Parking is the cheapest parking option offered at the park, allowing you to park your vehicle in a regular parking lot (at no specific spot) on a first-come, first-served basis.

seaworld general parking lot

The earlier that you arrive at the park, the closer that you'll be parked to the SeaWorld entrance.

You can expect General Parking to cost between $32-$37 for one vehicle (or motorcycle) throughout the year.


seaworld orlando general parking price ranges.


2. Preferred Parking at SeaWorld Orlando

Preferred Parking allows you exclusive access into the Preferred Parking lot (located closer to the entrance) at a higher cost than General Parking.

After purchasing a Parking Pass at the Parking Toll Booth (or showing the parking attendant your receipt from your online purchase), the parking attendant will place a bright green Preferred Parking pass on your windshield.

preferred parking paper at seaworld

You'll then be instructed to drive and follow the Preferred Parking signs to arrive to your exclusive Preferred Parking lot near the entrance.

preferred parking sign seaworld orlando

Preferred Parking is a very popular option for guests who plan to arrive to the park several hours after the park has opened, but don't want to be stuck all the way at the far back area of the parking lot.

However Preferred Parking is subject to availability, and may not be offered to guests for purchase once the Preferred Parking lot is full.

One last thing of note when it comes to Preferred Parking is that it's still valid 1 year from the day of purchase (assuming you haven't used it).

This provides you flexibility in the event you've already purchased a Parking Pass, but are no longer able to visit the park on the originally planned date.

Preferred Parking Prices can range from $47-$58 depending on the time of the year which you are visiting.

3. VIP Parking at SeaWorld Orlando

vip parking near seaworld entrance

VIP Parking guarantees you the closest parking available to the entrance of the park through access to an exclusive VIP Parking lot, located next to the Handicap parking area.

seaworld orlando handicap parking
vip parking sign seaworld orlando

This perk along makes VIP Parking the most expensive parking option available.

VIP Parking is also subject to availability, requiring you to choose a specific date before purchase.

However unlike Preferred Parking, VIP Parking is only valid for that selected date.

Due to this, if you're considering purchasing VIP parking, we'd recommend only purchasing once you're 100% sure you will be visiting the park on that day, to avoid losing any of your hard earned money.

VIP Parking Prices change daily and can range from $63-$74.

4. RV Parking

Due an RV's size preventing it from being able to park in a regular single vehicle parking spot, RV Parking is priced at close to double the cost of General Parking at about $55.

Consider Paying For Parking Online Ahead of Time

Paying for parking at the Toll Booth upon arrival can take several minutes on average.

However, by paying for parking online before your visit, it may only take a few seconds.

Although you'll still go through the Parking Toll Booth upon your arrival, you'll only need to show the staff your parking receipt as proof of purchase to be immediately granted entry into the lot.

Many Guests Purchase Parking On Their Way to the Park

Due to the non-refundable parking policy, many guests often purchase their Parking Passes from their phones on the way to the park!

Although this works perfectly for General Parking, if you are considering Preferred or VIP Parking we'd recommend purchasing earlier as you risk those Parking Passes already being sold out.

You can purchase Parking for SeaWorld Orlando directly from the SeaWorld Orlando site and or SeaWorld Orlando App.

If you don't have an account set up on the SeaWorld app yet, purchasing from the SeaWorld site will be your quickest option.

However, if you have already created and set up an account in the SeaWorld app, you can easily add parking to your account by selecting 'My Visit' at the bottom center of the app and scrolling down until you find the parking option.

seaworld orlando parking option from the seaworld app

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get Free Parking at SeaWorld?

Consider upgrading to a SeaWorld Annual Pass for additional perks that include free parking.

SeaWorld Orlando's Silver Annual Pass includes free General Parking for the year, while the Gold and Platinum Annual Passes offer free Preferred Parking for the year.

all seaworld orlando annual passes

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