Parking at SeaWorld Orlando: Everything You Need to Know

When you pull up to the parking lot, you'll realize there are multiple options available when parking at the SeaWorld Orlando park.

In this page, we'll go over all of the parking options that are available, why you'd consider other parking options, and how they stack up against each other.

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General Parking

General Parking is going to be your most basic and cheapest option when parking at SeaWorld Orlando.

It's also the most common parking choice amongst visitors. 

General Parking will be $30 consistently every day of the year, for one car, motorcycle or RV/Camper.

You're able to pre-pay for parking directly from the SeaWorld official site.


Why Pre-Pay For Parking?

It's simple, when you pre-pay for parking you can just show the park attendant the receipt, and they'll seamlessly let you through in seconds.

Whereas if you decide to pay at the park, you'll have to spend a few minutes there, as they process your payment, before providing you your receipt.

Take into consideration the hundreds of visitors who will do this while you're in line behind them, and you'll wish everyone had prepaid parking!

Preferred Parking

Preferred Parking will provide you access to park closer to the entrance of the park, at a higher cost than general parking.

You may think that it's not a big deal, however you should take into consideration how you will feel after a long day at the park.

After walking around for the entire day and having a fantastic experience, for some guests they don't want to spend another half an hour (on a busy day) walking back and trying to find their car.

Preferred Parking prices change daily and can range from $45-$60.

seaworld orlando preferred parking

It is typically more expensive during the weekends, busy season, as well as near the holidays.


The SeaWorld site provides a calendar that shows the differences in pricing prior to adding it to cart.

Upgrading From General Parking to Preferred Parking

If you decide to pre-pay for a General parking pass, and later on decide that you'd actually like to go the Preferred parking route, you can do so at any parking toll booth.

This occurs more often than you think, and the parking attendants are well aware of this and can help you easily upgrade your pass.

VIP Parking

With VIP parking, you'll have a reserved parking space for one day, extremely close to the entrance of the park.

VIP Parking prices change daily and can range from $60-$100.

seaworld orlando vip parking

It is typically more expensive during the weekends, busy season, as well as near the holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Parking at SeaWorld Orlando?

There are three types of parking that you can choose from, and depending on what you choose prices can vary from $30-100. There is General Parking, Preferred Parking and VIP Parking. The more expensive the parking options, the better the benefits for the guest. 

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