What is the Seaworld Signature Show Seating? | Explained

In this page we will go over what SeaWorld Signature Show Seating is, how it works and if it is worth it. 

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What is SeaWorld Signature Show Seating?

It is a pass that allows you special seating to the most of the popular shows at SeaWorld. It allows you to have reserved seating right up until showtime in order to avoid having to wait in line, or not having a seat in general.

It is also commonly referred to as 'Reserved Seating'. This pass can be purchased online.

seaworld dolphin show 

How it Works

  1. Purchase your pass online, and receive your email confirmation within seconds. 
  2. Print your pass and bring it with you to the park.
  3. Use the 'Reserved Seating' entrance.
  4. Stadium Entrance is where the general population walks through in order to access the shows. There is a separate entrance to the 'Stadium Entrance' and it'll be labeled 'Reserved Seating'.
  5. seaworld signature shows reserved seating
  6. Walk down to the area of the stadium that is blocked off with the sign 'Reserved Seating'.
  7. Show the park attendant your passes and they will scan it.
  8. Sit down and enjoy the show!

Where are you Seated?

Almost all reserved seating allows you to sit directly in the center of the stadium, giving you a perfect view of each show.

However it's important to know that you'll be a little bit on the higher side of the stadium.

So if you're looking to be in the 'splash zone', you'll be a tad out of reach.

Is it Included With Admission?


It is an additional cost and you will need a separate admission ticket in order to use the Signature Show Seating pass.

Is it Worth It?

If you can only visit the park on a weekend (when it is most busy), it is absolutely worth it.

This pass will guarantee you a seat at the most popular shows and you wont have to wait in line.

seaworld shows

If you're able to visit the park on less busier days, or are really adamant about being in the splash zone, it may not be worth it for you.

On less busy days, a pass is not essential.

If you're looking to be in the splash zone, as long as you arrive early you should be able to find seating.

We can't emphasize this enough, make sure that you arrive early, as these seats fill up fast!

Bundle With Quick Queue

You can bundle SeaWorld Signature Seating with a Quick Queue pass at a lower price.

By doing this you can Save an average of $50.

reserved seating and quick queue

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