7 Best SeaWorld Orlando Rides | Easily Explained

In this guide we will list out the best rides that SeaWorld Orlando offers, how each one is unique, and actual (point of view) videos of the rides!

seaworld orlando infinity falls

Table of Contents

  1. Kraken
  2. Manta
  3. Mako
  4. Journey to Atlantis
  5. Infinity Falls
  6. Antartica: Empire of the Penguin
  7. Flamingo Paddle Boats

1. Kraken

A floorless roller coaster with a massive drop that you can see from miles away on the other side of the park.

Featuring an astonishing 4,000 ft+ in length, and a top speed of 65 miles per hour, guests will have plenty of adrenaline pumping to look forward to.

This ride begins by making a sharp right turn and then you'll immediately begin making your climb towards the massive first drop.

Once you reach the top, you'll be able to see an amazing view of the park and its surroundings, and then the famous drop begins.

Make sure to smile at the bottom of the first drop, as that is where they take pictures!

One of the coolest things about this ride is that there are many parts where you'll be directly over water, and the water will seemingly move around you due to your high speed.


2 minutes 2 seconds.

kraken seaworld orlando

Fun Facts

The entire coaster is themed around this mythical creature starting from the moment that you wait in line.

As you move up in line, you'll see old sailor stories, and pictures about the kraken.

2. Manta

A fan favorite steel flying roller coaster, where riders will essentially be in the 'superman' position while flying through this ride.

This ride is themed after the actual manta ray, who have forward facing mouths and seem to effortlessly fly through the water.

It begins by climbing the first hill in the prone position until meeting the first drop.

The first drop isn't the thriller in this ride however, it's after coming out of the first loop and when you're pushed back against the seat.

It's a unique experience and something that you can't prepare for unless you've rode other similar styled coasters. 


2 minutes 36 seconds.

manta seaworld orlando

Fun Facts

This ride made its debut in 2009 and cost $50,000,000 to build!

3. Mako

Themed after the Mako Shark, this hyper coaster is one of the most thrilling coasters in the park reaching a height of 200 feet, and speeds of 73 miles per hour!

This ride begins by climbing the first giant hill until you finally reach the top, and then the real fun begins.

Riders will then go directly down and reach insane speeds prior to making a sharp left turn next to the water.

One third of the ride is over water, and although there are no loops, this ride has a very 'quick' feel to it.

From the sharp turns, to the fast climbs and drops, riders wont even realize there were no inversions by the time the ride is done.


Around 2 minutes.

mako seaworld orlando

Fun Facts

When this coaster opened, it was known for being the tallest, fastest and longest coaster in Orlando.

This ride spans 4,760 feet.

4. Journey to Atlantis

Despite being one of the old timers of the park, it has not lost a single step.

Hop inside of the boat and take a unique experience to Atlantis.

This ride begins indoors where there are different Atlantis themed scenes where you'll be able to see the marine life and different buildings, in what feels like an under water canal.

The ride will then transition outdoors, and you'll begin climbing prior to seeing one staff member who will be waving at you..

After you see that staff member, brace yourself as the famous drop is next!

Riders will then experience the colossal drop into the water, and there's a good chance you'll get wet.


5 minutes 56 seconds.

journey to atlantis seaworld orlando

Fun Facts

This is one of the longer rides in the park, and the parts of the ride are both indoors and outdoors.

5. Infinity Falls

This ride is a river raft ride that almost seems too realistic at times.

Riders will be spinning around, navigating 'rough' waters at decent speeds, so the ride will get bumpy at times.

One of the coolest parts of this ride is when your raft momentarily stops, and you're suddenly being taken directly upwards.

(This means it is time for the drop, so brace yourself).

This river raft ride holds the record for the tallest drop on any ride of this type.


Around 5 minutes.

infinity falls seaworld orlando

Fun Facts

This ride actually replaced Sea Gardens.

Due to this ride spinning, riders will get a different experience of the ride as unlike other rides it wont be the same point of view every time that they ride it.

You will get wet on this ride! This is a perfect ride to ride to cool off, after a long day in the sun.

seaworld orlando infinity falls

6. Antartica: Empire of the Penguin

This trackless ride follows the story of a penguin named Puck in Antartica, and riders will be able to meet his colony, endure the blizzard and even help him escape predators.

This is one of the most laid back rides in the park as you'll be traveling at slow speeds, but make sure to bring your jacket! After all you'll be in Antartica.

Once the ride is over, riders will be able to exit the ride and to their left there are real penguins in their actual environment!

You'll have an up-close view of them swimming, standing and even feeding.


15 minutes.

empire of the penguin seaworld orlando

Fun Facts

This is a perfect ride to ride to avoid the blazing sun by entering a low temperature ride to cool off.

7. Flamingo Paddle Boats

If you've done all of the thrilling rides and are ready to relax, look no further.

flamingo paddle boats seaworld orlando

The Flamingo paddle boats allow for a leisure ride on the lake for passengers of 2.

It does come at an additional cost of $6 for 20 minutes, but it's a nice way of relaxing while still being active.

Riders will paddle with their legs in order for the flamingo boat to move.


20 minutes.

Fun Facts

This is a perfect ride for riders to bond in a relaxed environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Rides are There at SeaWorld?

There are thrilling rides in the form of outdoor coasters such as Kraken, Manta, Mako. There's also a water river raft ride in Infinity Falls, and part indoor, part outdoor ride in Journey to Atlantis. On top of that, there are full indoor rides such as Antartica Empire of the Penguin.

Is Manta at SeaWorld Scary?

It depends on your coaster riding experience. If you're a new rider, you can find it scary especially due to riding in the prone position along with experiencing loops. If you're an experienced rider, it wont be scary but rather unique and thrilling.

Do you get Wet on Manta at SeaWorld?

There's a chance that you may get a sprinkle of water as you ride over the lake, but other than that, no as it is not actually a water ride.

Does the Manta Ride at SeaWorld go Upside Down?

Yes there are 4 inversions in the Manta ride.

How Fast is Mako at SeaWorld?

It will reach speeds of up to 73 miles per hour.

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