SeaWorld Lockers: Everything You Need to Know

Many visitors who visit SeaWorld are unsure of where to keep their items when they want to participate in rides.

In this page, we will explain whether or not SeaWorld has lockers, how to use them, the different types of lockers, and the best ways to save money.

Does SeaWorld Have Lockers?

Yes, SeaWorld has many lockers positioned around the park, most lockers can be found near rides.

seaworld lockers

Visitors will create a 7 digit code to safely store their belongings.

seaworld lockers passcode

There are different types of lockers, and each one will vary in price.

Types of SeaWorld Lockers

There are three types of lockers at SeaWorld including:

  1. Single Use Rider Locker
  2. Multi Use Rider Lockers
  3. Regular Locker

Single Use and Multi Use Rider Lockers will be much smaller than regular lockers.

multi use seaworld locker

Single Use Rider Locker

A Single Use Rider Locker costs $2 and lasts for two hours.

seaworld ride lockers

If you do not return to grab your belongings by the time your 2 hours are up, it will be considered an Expired Locker.

Rather than using your pin to open up your locker, you'll have to use the locker kiosk and select the Open Expired Locker option, and follow the instructions.

Multi Use Rider Locker

A Multi Use Rider Locker costs $10, however you can move your belongings to different rides for the entire day.

kraken lockers

The one important tip to know is that similarly to the Single User Rider locker, your belongings can only stay at a ride locker for 2 hours maximum.

Make sure to keep an eye on this, and move to a different ride locker before it expires.

Regular Locker

Regular Lockers are much larger than the rider lockers, and can vary in size from 13 inches by 7.5 inches to 22 inches by 13.5 inches.

Regular Lockers can be found across the Stroller & Wheel Chair Rentals, after you pass the entrance.

Quick Queue Can Be Purchased at Locker Rentals

Aside from renting lockers, you can also purchase a Quick Queue pass in this area.

buy quick queue at seaworld locker rentals

Visitors are able to purchase a Quick Queue pass for that specific ride by using the rental kiosk.

In the above picture, we were in the Manta locker area, which is why the Manta Quick Queue is displayed on the screen.

Locker Locations

  • Regular Locker - Across Stroller and Wheel Chair Rentals
  • Ride Locker - Manta
  • Ride Locker - Journey to Atlantis
  • Ride Locker - Kraken
  • Ride Locker - Mako
  • Ride Locker - Infinity Falls


If you're at all worried about carrying certain belongings with you all day at SeaWorld, then definitely consider getting a locker. 

mako seaworld lockers

The locker prices are extremely affordable and if it means being able to carry less throughout the day at SeaWorld, then it's worth every penny. 

Worrying about not losing certain items throughout the day is no way to spend your time.

Lockers will give you the peace of mind that your items are safely stored throughout the day.

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