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SeaWorld Orlando's Locker Options: Easily Explained

Having a safe place to store your belongings that you don't want to carry around all day can make all the difference during your visit.

In this page, we will explain the different types of locker options available at SeaWorld Orlando, how to rent a locker, and how to move a locker to another location during your visit.

seaworld locker rental area and kiosk

Locker Options Offered at SeaWorld Orlando

There are three types of lockers at SeaWorld Orlando that visitors can rent on a first-come, first-served basis including:

  1. Single-Use Rider Locker (2 hour rental).

  2. Multi-Use Rider Lockers (10 hour total rental).

  3. Regular Locker (All day rental).

1. Single-Use Rider Locker at SeaWorld

A Single Use Rider Locker costs $2 and only lasts for two hours.

seaworld entering pin for ride locker

If there are only a 2-3 rides ($4-$6) that you're interested in going on during your visit, this can be a great option for you as you'll only need to rent a locker when you're planning on going on those rides. 

However, if you're planning on riding many rides during your visit, you'll want to consider the next locker option as paying $2 every time you ride quickly adds up and becomes annoying to do.

manta ride over the water at seaworld orlando

After 2 Hours From Purchase Your Locker is Considered Expired

If you rent this type of locker, ensure that you are able to keep track of time to return before your 2 hours are up.

If you do not return to grab your belongings by the time your 2 hours are up, it will be considered an Expired Locker, which is an entirely different process to navigate, and an Overtime Fee may be charged.

Rather than using your pin to open up your locker, you'll have to use the locker kiosk, select the Open Expired Locker option, and follow the instructions.

2. Multi-Use Rider Locker at SeaWorld

A Multi-Use Rider Locker comes at a higher cost of $10, but provides you with the flexibility of being able to move your belongings to different Ride Lockers for the entire day!

kraken lockers

A Multi Use Ride Locker is the same size as a Single Use Ride Locker.

3. Regular Locker at SeaWorld

Unlike Ride Lockers, Regular Lockers can be rented all-day and are much larger in size (compared to Ride Lockers) ranging from:

  • 13 inches x 7.5 inches
  • All the way to 22 inches x 13.5 inches

Regular Lockers are perfect for visitors who have to bring bigger items such as backpacks, diaper bags etc, but don't want to carry them around the park the entire day.

Instead, by renting a Regular Locker, visitors can leave those items securely stored and always come back when they need to use them.

Regular Lockers can be found across the Stroller and Wheel Chair Rentals after you pass the entrance.

strollen rental building seaworld orlando

How to Rent a Locker at SeaWorld Orlando

renting a locker process sign at seaworld

To rent a locker, you'll head to the touchscreen kiosk found inside of every locker area and touch the screen.

Be aware that some touchscreens can be worn down and a little difficult to read on a sunny day.

You'll select to a Locker Rental option and the kiosk will ask for a payment method to to pay for your rental.

After entering your card information, you will be instructed to create:

  • A 7-digit pin, and then a 4 digit pin immediately after.
seaworld lockers passcode

The locker kiosk will then show a confirmation screen that will state your locker number, when your locker expires, and immediately print out a receipt that also has this information.

receipt of ride locker at seaworld orlando

You can then head to the locker number assigned to you, input your 4 digit pin, select 'Enter' and the locker will immediately pop open.

opened ride locker after entering pin

You can safely place your belongings in the locker, close it, and you're set to head to the ride entrance (You'll use this same process to open the locker after the ride).

How to Move a Locker at SeaWorld Orlando

If you decide to purchase a Multi-Use Ride Locker, you'll have to know how to move your belongings from one ride locker to the other.

Head back to the Ride Locker where your belongings are currently at, open the locker, and remove your belongings.

seaworld ride locker area

Now head over to the next ride that you want to ride, find their Ride Locker area, and touch the digital kiosk.

You'll then select the third option on the screen 'Move My Multi Use Ride Locker to This Location'.

move multi use ride locker seaworld orlando

The kiosk will ask you for your 7 digit pin that you created earlier, and after entering your pin you'll also be asked for your 4 digit code.

You'll be told that your locker is currently in use and asked if you want to end your locker rental from the previous ride to have a locker at this ride (Make sure you didn't leave any items at your last rental!).

You'll select the 'Confirm' button and the screen will show you your locker number, when it expires, and once again print out a receipt with the same information.

Now you can head to your assigned locker number, open it, and just like that you've successfully transferred your locker and successfully used the Multi Use Ride Locker feature.

Locker Locations at SeaWorld Orlando

  • Regular Locker - Across Stroller and Wheel Chair Rentals

  • Ride Lockers - Manta, Journey to Atlantis, Kraken, Mako, Infinity Falls, Ice Breaker and Pipeline: The Surf Coaster


If you're worried about carrying certain belongings with you all day during your visit, then you'll consider renting a locker. 

mako seaworld lockers

Worrying for an entire day about not accidentally losing your valuables is no way to spend your visit.

The SeaWorld Orlando Locker prices are extremely affordable, only a quick walk away from being able to access, and provide you with a peace of mind that your items are safely stored.

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