SeaWorld Orlando's Quick Queue: Everything You Need to Know

A Quick Queue pass is the most popular pass at the SeaWorld park.

In this page, we'll explain what a Quick Queue pass is, what it allows you to do, what rides it includes, why it's so popular, and where to buy the pass.

    What is a SeaWorld Quick Queue Pass?

    A SeaWorld Orlando Quick Queue pass allows you to skip the regular line, by using a faster Quick Queue line, that lets you spend more of your time riding your favorite rides rather than waiting in lines. 

    quick queue sign for kraken

    A Quick Queue pass is an additional cost, as it is not included with park admission.

    If you purchased it at the park, you'll receive the Quick Queue pass in ticket form.

    quick queue ticket

    If you purchased it in the SeaWorld app, or on the SeaWorld site, you'll receive it as an eTicket on the app.

    quick queue and reserved seating seaworld app

    Most Quick Queue lines actually bring you right next to the rider loading station, where there is much less walking and waiting.

    quick queue line at seaworld

    How Does Quick Queue at SeaWorld Work?

    1. Walk to the Quick Queue line
    2. Show your Quick Queue ticket to the line attendant
    3. Allow them to scan your Quick Queue ticket
    4. Proceed through the Quick Queue line that will lead you directly to the rider loading station
    5. Enjoy the ride

    As long as you have Quick Queue ticket, or eTicket on your phone, you can walk through the Quick Queue line, show the park attendant that you have access, and they'll scan it and allow you to walk right through the line.

    Quick Queue Entrances May Vary

    It's important to know that some rides have their Quick Queue line right at the entrance, where other rides have the Quick Queue line 30 seconds away.

    Manta's Quick Queue line for example, is located to the left of the regular line, past the Manta lockers, and right before the Manta gift shop.

    manta quick queue sign

    On the other hand, Mako's Quick Queue line can be found right at the entrance of the regular line.

    manta quick queue entrance

    Included Rides

    SeaWorld Orlando Quick Queue Rides
    Journey to Atlantis
    Infinity Falls
    Antartica: Empire of the Penguin
    Ice Breaker

    3 Types of Quick Queue Options

    There are two options and one is using it for one day, and the other is for using it for the entire season.

    Quick Queue For 1 Ride

    If there's only one ride that you're interested in skipping the line for, you can purchase the Quick Queue that will only work for that ride (for that day).

    quick queue for manta

    You can purchase this at that specific ride's locker area, in this case Manta's locker.

    purchase quick queue at the manta locker

    Quick Queue Unlimited

    This pass gives you unlimited front of the line access for the day.

    If you are only visiting the park for one day, this is the pass that you'll be looking for.

    Year-Round Quick Queue

    This pass gives you unlimited Year-Round Front-of-the-Line access to our most popular rides.

    If you are planning to visit the park multiple times a year, and/or are a season pass holder, this pass will save you countless of hours.

    Price Changes by Day

    It's important to note that prices will vary by day and season. 

    If you're planning to visit the park during the busy season (the summer season on the weekends), be prepared to pay more on Saturdays and Sundays in particular.

    This is when the park is at its busiest, and the prices will reflect that as more visitors will want to skip the lines on these days. 

    seaworld quick queue price changes by day

    Typically the weekdays will always be cheaper for Quick Queue passes.

    When Should I Get a Quick Queue Pass?

    If you're visiting the park for one day, and the only time that you can visit is during the weekend, a Quick Queue pass will come in very handy.

    As we mentioned, the weekends are typically the busiest time for the parks, which means the lines will also be longer.

    When Should I Not Get a Quick Queue Pass?

    If you're able to visit the park during the weekdays, and you can get in early in the morning right when the park opens.

    This is when the park is usually less busy.

    On top of this, a useful tip is to experience the park starting from the back.

    If you're able to get in early, most visitors will stop by and experience everything that the front of the park has to offer, and then work their way through the park.

    By starting from the back, chances are that most of the rides will be empty or have minimal wait time, such as Mako, Kraken and Infinity Falls.

    This will allows you to knock out the most popular rides first before the rest of the crowd gets there. You can find more SeaWorld Orlando tips like this on our page.

    Is Quick Queue in SeaWorld Worth it?

    Quick Queue is absolutely worth it if you're planning on visiting the park on a weekend.

    We've experienced SeaWorld both without a Quick Queue pass and with a Quick Queue pass, and we would choose the visit with the pass every single time.

    It will save you countless hours, and you'll be able to experience the entire park with minimal wait times.

    On top of that, you can ride your favorite rides as many times as you want. You can actually finish riding, and get right back in the Quick Queue line to ride again.

    Where to Buy a Quick Queue Pass

    You can purchase this upgrade directly from the SeaWorld site, SeaWorld app, at a kiosk, or even at a ride locker (for a Quick Queue pass that is only for one ride).

    seaworld quick queue kiosk

    Below you can see the kiosks that can be found all over the park, where you can purchase a Quick Queue pass.

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