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Frontera Cocina at Disney Springs: Everything You Need to know

Frontera Cocina is one of the most underrated restaurants in all of Disney Springs.

In this page, we will explain what makes this restaurant so good, our experience dining there, how to get there, and whether you need a reservation.

Frontera Cocina is Famous For

Frontera Cocina is one of the newer table service restaurants in Disney Springs, that offers Mexican Cuisine by celebrity Chef Rick Bayless.

frontera cocina at disney springs sign

Rick Bayless is an American chef (and restaurant owner) who is known for specializing in traditional Mexican cuisine, yet with modern tweaks.

He has been featured on:

  • PBS Mexico: One Plate at a Time
  • Iron Chef America
  • Guest Judge on Top Chef

Some of his accomplishments include:

  • Achieving the coveted Michelin Star
  • Achieving Top Master Chef status
  • 7 James Beard Awards
  • Author of multiple highly regarded cookbooks
  • Nominated twice for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lifestyle/Culinary Host
  • Has been a personal chef since 1980

Pros & Cons of Frontera Cocina


  • Food Quality
  • Service
  • Drinks
  • Location - Great view of Disney Springs


  • Pricey

Atmosphere of Frontera Cocina

The atmosphere has a very lively, yet laid-back feel to it.

As soon as you walk in, you'll notice the inside of the restaurant is neatly decorated with traditional background patterns and lights.

inside atmosphere of frontera cocina

Staff & Service

After you enter the restaurant, the host stand can be found immediately on the left side.

Whether you have a reservation or you're walking in, you'll want to speak to them.

In our case, we had a reservation and we let the hostess know.

She searched our name in the system, confirmed out information, pointed us to wait in a certain spot, and let us know that someone would be taking us to our table shortly.

Within a minute, a hostess would walk up to us confirming our name, and they would take us to our table, and set out menus on the table as well.

About 2 minutes after that, our friendly server would come up to our table, make small talk, and then let us know many details that we've written about above.

The most notable detail that the server let out, was that their food is gluten free, non-GMO, and made from grass-fed beef.

The server would then take our order for appetizers and drinks, which we couldn't have been more excited about.

About the Food & Drinks

For appetizers, we went with the chips and guacamole, with also come with different types of salsa.

chips and guac frontera cocina

We found these to be absolutely delicious, the chips were crispy and freshly made, and the different sauces provided a variety of flavors in one appetizer.

For the entrée, we went with the Carne asada, and it was absolutely delicious as well (not pictured here are the tortillas it comes with).

carne asada frontera cocina

The carne asada contains garlic and red chile-marinated, creek stone natural Black Angus steak, black beans with queso fresco, caramelized plantains with crema and Cotija cheese, tomatillo salsa, warm corn tortillas.

We were told ahead of time that a trip to Frontera Cocina isn't complete without having tasted their drinks. 

margaritas frontera cocina

We ordered the standard margarita and the spicy margarita, with salt and sugar sprinkled on the rim of the glass.

Both margaritas were delicious, but ultimately we left much more impressed with the food at the end of the day.

Best Place to Eat in the Restaurant

The two best places to eat are right next to the water and patio inside, or outside on the actual patio.

Frontera Cocina is positioned right next to the water, and bridge that visitors have to cross to get over the water, which provides a beautiful view both during the day and at night.

water next to frontera cocina

At night, the water is also lit up with several lights, giving the water a unique color, and a perfect spot for pictures.

Is it Included in the Disney Dining Plan?

As of the time of this writing, the Disney Dining plan doesn't include Frontera Cocina.

frontera cocina disney dining plan

Easiest Way to Get to Frontera Cocina

The best way to get to Frontera Cocina is at parking in the lime garage.

Once you've exited the garage, and go down the escalators (or stairs), you'll simply walk straight ahead and pass the Under Armour Brand House (on your left).

lime garage escalator

Once you reach Lululemon on your left, you'll turn left, and the restaurant will be located immediately on your right.

the front of frontera cocina

Should I Make a Reservation to Frontera Cocina?

You should absolutely make a reservation, as it is a very popular restaurant at Disney Springs.

Although walk-in's are available, it's not guaranteed.

When they're full for the day/night, walk-in's will not be available.

You can make a reservation online through their site.

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