9 Best Disneyland Tips for Adults

Over the last few years, Disneyland has become a popular hotspot for adults to visit without kids.

In this page we'll go over our best Disneyland tips for adults including dining, shopping, adult beverages and much more.

disneyland adults

Table of Contents

  1. Consider Single Rider Lines
  2. Adult Beverages
  3. Disney MaxPass
  4. Coffee
  5. Downtown Disney Shopping
  6. Adults Who Never Went to Disneyland as Kids
  7. Stay at the Parks Late
  8. Dining Options
  9. Pools

1. Consider Single Rider Lines

Fast passes can run out, and thats when single rider lines can become very useful.

If you're not traveling with kids (and don't mind splitting up for a ride if you're a couple), single rider lines have minimal waits.

How it Works

In every ride, there's always an extra seat available as most guests travel to the parks with a family, and don't want to split up.

Naturally, that creates an empty seat that other visitors can't fill, as they want to ride the ride with their families/friends.

disneyland star wars

Due to this the Single Rider Lines were born.

A huge demand for single riders occurs everyday in the parks, and you can take advantage of this by experiencing the most popular rides, without having to wait hours for them.

2. Adult Beverages

What's an adult trip without alcoholic beverages? You can indulge at the following places.

Oga's Cantina

Located inside of Disneyland, you'll immediately notice that every time the door slides open, you'll get an immediate sense of high energy inside of the building.

If there are two drinks that you should try, they are Outer Rim and Jet Juice.

The Cove Bar

If you're in the mood for appetizers and drinks, head on to the Cove Bar. 

You'll want to make sure that you try the Lobster Nachos and Cocktails.

3. Disney MaxPass

Normally guests have to walk to the actual ride, and stick their ticket inside of the fast pass machine, in order to obtain a fast pass.

disneyland max pass

This can get tedious, as you'll have to walk around the entire park to get your fast passes.

For an additional cost of $20, you can use the Disney app to book the fast passes by purchasing a MaxPass.

4. Coffee

It wouldn't be a real adult trip without coffee, right?

Thankfully Starbucks are conveniently located in the Downtown Disney District, Disneyland and California Adventure Park.

This provides you the perfect opportunity to wake up before getting your day started, or even just refuel in the middle of the day.

5. Downtown Disney Shopping

Are you in the mood to just shop around and see what stores have to offer?

Downtown Disney District, Disneyland and California Adventure all have stores tailored towards great adult shopping experiences.

You can see a map of the stores that are offered directly from the Disneyland site.

6. Adults Who Never Went to Disneyland as Kids

Although we've covered rides that are ultra popular with adults, let's make one thing clear.

If you've never been to Disneyland as a kids, there's nothing wrong with riding all of the kid rides!

disneyland kids

In fact, many adults enjoy doing this and it brings them a different type of happiness, as they can actually feel like kids for a few minutes.

After all, you've paid for admission, so you should ride and experience everything that you want to do.

7. Stay at the Parks Late

Crowds tend to calm down a lot after 5 pm. By staying at the parks late, you'll be able to easily navigate around the park and even catch the firework show.

disneyland night

FYI - There are even ticket options of admission after a certain time. For example, admission after 4pm. These tickets are often discounted, however they aren't offered year round, so keep an eye out for them.

8. Dining Options

Bengal Barbecue

Located in Adventureland, this restaurant offers a bunch of lean meat items as well as sweets including Churros and Mickey Mouse ice cream bars.

Most of these items are on skewers, so if you're in a rush, it's a perfect place to grab and go.

French Market

For guests looking for a higher-end, sit down restaurant, this is the place to go.

The menu items are Creole and Cajun inspired which means that you can't go wrong with Shrimp po'boys and French dip sandwiches.

9. Pools

Take some time off from the actual park and enjoy the pool at a Disneyland resort!

disneyland hotel pool

The Disneyland hotel pool in particular has several pools including a 4,800 square foot e-ticket pool.

It's a perfect place to relax and soak up the sun, in a peaceful environment to recharge after a long day at the park.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Disneyland Park is Best for Adults?

It comes down to preference. Disneyland is all about the magic of Disney and offers a variety of shows, rides and even restaurants that cater towards adults. California Adventure has a big area specifically for Pixar Pier, which if you watched Toy Story or any other Pixar movies growing up, you'll be thrilled to visit as an adult.

How Many Days at Disneyland is Enough?

Even though Disneyland offers just two parks, there is a lot to do. At minimum you would have at least 2 days, in order to spend a day at each park, and even then you wouldn't have visited everything. The ideal amount of time to visit is 3-4 days.

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