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Disneyland's Ferris Wheel: Everything You Need to Know

The giant Disneyland Ferris wheel is a staple of the California parks, and can always be seen in Disneyland pictures.

In this page we will go over what the actual name of the ferris wheel is, where it is located, if you are allowed to ride it, along with fun facts.

disneyland ferris wheel

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Actual Name of the Ferris Wheel

This famous ferris wheel's official name is Mickey's Fun Wheel Ride.

Ride Details

This 160 ft tall ferris wheel ride resembles a carnival ride from a distance away, but the closer to the ride that you get, the more you realize it's much more than that. 

Guests are able to ride this ride. In fact, this ride is actually a ride full of thrills, as the gondola will actually begin swinging back and forth.

You'll be able to hear the laughter and screams from riders from the entrance of the ride.

pixar pier sunset

The best part of the ride however, are the panoramic views that you'll be able to capture.

It's one thing to walk around the theme park, but it's a completely other experience to see the park from 160 ft up, and get a big picture/aerial view.

Two Lines

Something most guests don't realize is that there are actually two lines to the ride. One is for the stationary cars (aka they don't swing) distinguished by the Mickey cars, and the others are for the swinging cars.

Each gondola can hold up to 6 people.

Ride Duration

9-10 minutes.

Ferris Wheel Seats

Riders will sit on cushy seats that also have back support.

However one thing to note is there are no seat belts on this ride, so if you are easily prone to motion sickness, this ride may not be the best for you.

If you are looking for thrills and excitement while enclosed in a tight space with family or friends, then this ride is absolutely for you.


There are no height restrictions for this ride, but you'll want to be extra careful in letting your kiddos on this ride, especially if they're afraid of heights.

ferris wheel at night california adventure

How it Works

The ride loads one gondola at a time, which means after you've boarded you'll move forward for several seconds before stopping again as the gondola behind you begins to board.

This process continues until it's full, or all of the riders have boarded (on a less hectic day), and then the ride will actually begin.

Due to this, it may be several minutes until the ride begins so you'll definitely want to be with a good group of people that you can pass time with, or else it will be a quiet few minutes.


Ferris Wheel Location

Although there's the giant mickey mouse face on it, it's not located in Disneyland but rather in California Adventure.

Unique Time to Ride

Riding during the day, on a sunny day preferably will give you a beautiful view of the park, and provide you with perfect photo opportunities.

However, riding the ferris wheel at night is one of our favorite things to do as you'll get a unique view of the park.

You'll be able to see all of the different buildings lit up with different light colors and patterns (especially during the holiday seasons), and the ferris wheel being by the water brings a nice sense of calmness for the guests.

night lights

That is.. until the ride begins swinging at the top, then it's time to brace yourself as it's a lot scarier at night!! We warned ya.

Fun Facts

This ride was actually inspired by a ferris wheel in New York, the Wonderwheel. This is where the stationary and swinging gondola idea originated from.

Motion sickness bags are provided on the ride.

Guests can choose to ride in sliding or non-sliding gondolas within the ride.

Mickey's Fun Wheel Ride opened in May 4th, 2009.

Point of View Video of the Ride

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mickey's Fun Wheel scary?

The honest answer is that it can be, especially if you choose to ride on the swinging gondola line. However, it doesn't have to be. There are 2 lines for this ride, and you can make your decision based on your mood and preference. If you're looking for absolute thrills, then you'll definitely want to go on the swinging gondolas.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a peaceful ride or are riding with guests (or kids) who are easily afraid/get motion sickness, then you'll want to head towards the stationary line.

Do Ferris Wheels Make You Sick?

They can depending on your tolerance. Each gondola contains motion sickness bags, in case of guests experiencing sickness during the actual ride.

How Tall is Mickey's Fun Wheel?

160 feet.

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