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The Best Pools at Disneyland | Ultimate Guide & Rankings

The Disneyland Resort has three hotels on property all with their own unique pool and waterslide areas.

When choosing a hotel to stay at on property knowing what each pool area has to offer may greatly impact which hotel you ultimately decide on especially if a pool day is high on your priority list.

In this guide, we'll break down and rank the pools at all three of the Disneyland Resort hotels as well as answer some frequently asked questions!

  • Paradise Pier Hotel Pool
  • Disneyland Hotel Pools
  • Grand Californian Pools
  • Frequently Asked Questions!

        Paradise Pier Hotel Pool

        The first pools on our list, ranking in third, are at the Paradise Pier Hotel (soon to be Pixar Pier).

        The two pools at the Paradise Pier Hotel are the most basic of the pools available across Disneyland Resort property.

        There is one main pool in the standard rectangular pool shape, a whirlpool spa, and a water slide.

        Paradise Pier Hotel pools overview

        These two pools are the most basic you’ll find at Disneyland, but for someone looking to take a casual dip in the pool, they will definitely suffice.

        The water slide is on the smaller side consisting of one-quarter loop and one full loop, but certainly enough of a thrill for younger children.

        Paradise Pier Hotel slide

        The standout feature of the Paradise Pier Hotel pools that you won’t get anywhere else though are partial views of Downtown Disney as the pools are located on the third floor of the hotel. 

        If you’re looking for just some brief time at the pool and something to keep the kids busy for a couple of hours then the Paradise Pier hotel pools might be all you need. It’s also worth mentioning the Paradise Pier Hotel is the cheapest hotel on property, so you’ll be sacrificing pool quality for a more budget-friendly option

        Disneyland Hotel Pools

        Disneyland Hotel Pools

        Coming in at our #2 spot are the Disneyland Hotel pools!

        The Disneyland Hotel has two pools, two whirlpool spas, two waterslides, and unique Disney-theming you can't find anywhere else.

        The E-Ticket Pool is the largest of the two pools at the Disneyland Hotel spanning 4,800 square feet and steps away from the E-Ticket Pool is the D-Ticket Pool which is smaller, but most casual swimmers and families will find the D-Ticket pool plenty big for swimming and fun.

        Multiple Pools at Disneyland Hotel

        Where the Disneyland Hotel pools start to set themselves apart are the two spiraling Monorail-themed waterslides that you can't quite find anywhere else! 

        The two Monorail waterslides are differentiated by their color schemes, red and yellow (formerly blue). 

        The yellow monorail slide is the smaller of the two featuring one short half-twist before ending. The yellow monorail slide is perfect for small children who might be more intimidated by the height and multiple twists of the red monorail slide. 

        D-Ticket Pool at Disneyland Hotel

        The red monorail slide is much larger and fun for both kids and adults! Standing 25 feet above the ground and features two full twists across 180 feet of slide length before zipping you into a small pool.

        Both the red and yellow monorail waterslides are located in a shallow "splash and play" area primarily designed for children but can be enjoyed by anyone. 

        Atop the waterslides is the iconic Disneyland sign which also serves as a waterfall feature pouring water down below into the play area. 

        Lounge chairs are plentiful and won't be difficult to find especially near the monorail slides which are a bit more secluded from the rest of the pool area. Private cabanas can also be rented daily for an additional fee by visiting the front desk or calling the Disneyland Hotel concierge. 

        Disneyland Hotel pools ariel shot

        The unique Disney touches, multiple pools, and waterslides as well as picturesque surrounding area lands the Disneyland Hotel pools in the #2 spot on our list, but it's a very strong competitor for the #1 ranking. 

        Grand Californian Pools

        Our best pools at the Disneyland Resort award goes to the Grand Californian!

        The Grand Californian has four pools (Fountain Pool, Redwood Pool, Mariposa Pool, and a kid's pool in the shape of Mickey Mouse), a water slide, and three whirlpool spas. 


        All three pools are in the same general area, but the fountain pool is designed to be the most relaxing and serene of the the pools at the Grand Californian.

        The Fountain Pool is set against the "forested grounds" of the Grand Californian, next to a relaxing turtle fountain and fake boulders, adding to the feel of being in the middle of a forrest somewhere in northern California.

        The Redwood Pool is the largest of the three pools and designed for a bit more fun than the other pools as the 90 foot waterslide connects directly into the pool.

        Overview of pools at Grand Californian hotel

        Redwood Pools is definitely the most popular amongst children for its waterslide and it'll be one of the more crowded pools at the Grand Californian, but usually never feels overwhelmed. 

        The Mariposa pool is another pool meant for rest and relaxation. With a simple circular design the Mariposa is more of your standard pool, but another great option for adults and families to enjoy. 

        Lastly is a small and shallow Mickey shaped pool which is intended for small children to enjoy with their parents. The Mickey shaped pool is a great spot for families with young children to spend some time in shallow water without the depths you'll find at the other pools. 

        Cabanas at the Grand Californian Pools

        The Grand Californian's sheer amount of pools, whirlpool spas and calm surroundings make it feel like a true escape from the hustle and crowds you'll find inside Disneyland and California Adventure and is why we rank it the best pools at the Disneyland Resort! 

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Are the pools at the Disneyland heated?

        Yes! The pools at Paradise Pier, Grand Californian and Disneyland hotel are heated. 

        Regular pools are kept at a moderate temperature while the whirlpool spas are kept much warmer with water temperature generally around 90 to 100 degrees.

        Can you order food and drinks at the Disneyland pools?

        Yes! Food and drinks can be ordered poolside at the pools typically between 11AM and 8PM.

        What hours are the Disneyland pools open?

        The Disneyland pools are typically open from 9AM to 8PM. 

        Occasionally the pools are open later during peak busy season, but may also close early due to inclement weather conditions. We recommend checking with the front desk when you arrive to confirm the pool operating hours during your stay. 

        Can I go to pools at a different hotel than the one I'm staying at?

        Unfortunately you can only go to the pools at the hotel you are staying at. "Pool hopping" is not allowed unless the pool at your hotel is closed. 

        Are there lifeguards at the Disneyland Hotel pools?

        Yes, the pools at Paradise Pier, Grand Californian and the Disneyland Hotel are almost always monitored by multiple lifeguards. 



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