Disneyland's Drop Off: Everything You Need to Know

Disneyland has several drop off locations around the park, some closer than others.

In this page, we will cover the different Disneyland drop off spots, which spot is the best drop off spot, and where to get picked up after your day is over.

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Where is Disneyland's Drop Off Location?

There are two locations where you can be dropped off when visiting Disneyland, the Downtown Disney District and Harbor Boulevard.

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We recommend getting dropped off at Harbor Boulevard, just outside the transportation/shuttle area entrance.

disneyland drop off area near shuttles

It's typically less busier than the Downtown Disney District and is the closer area from the park entrance.

You can arrive to Harbor Boulevard by simply clicking on the map above, and selecting the directions button.

You'll enter the drop-off area from the right southbound lane on South Harbor Boulevard.

To get to the Downtown Disney District, you'll take Magic Way from Disneyland Drive and then turn left at Downtown Drive.

Grace Period & Drop Off Rules

You should be aware that there's a 15 minute grace period during drop off's.

This means that your drop off should last a maximum of 15 minutes, before you'll be charged with the standard parking rates.

You are also not permitted to leave your vehicle unattended, or park your vehicle.

Can Uber/Lyft Drop You Off at Disneyland?

Ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft can drop you off and pick you up at any of the two spots mentioned earlier in the article. 

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