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Can You Leave Disneyland and Come Back? | Explained

Every theme park has different policies on whether you can re-enter the park after you leave.

In this page, we will explain if you can leave Disneyland and come back into the park afterwards.

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Can You Leave Disneyland and Come Back?

Yes, you are able to leave Disneyland and California Adventure for any reason, and re-enter in the same day. Many guests will leave the park to get food, or even take a nap, before returning later in the day.

disneyland tickets in hand

Visitors will simply need their admission ticket, and go to the gate as they did the first time.

Visitors are subject to security screening procedures when you re-entering the theme park.

Visitors are also able to leave the park and come back as many times as they want in a day.

When the Park is at Capacity

Visitors should be aware that a few times of the year, particularly during holidays such as Christmas day, and New Year's day, the park can fill up to the point where it reaches full capacity.

When this occurs, the park will limit entry to the park.

christmas tree and globes

This means that if a visitor decides to leave (and plans to return the same day), but the park reaches capacity, they may not be able to re-enter the park.

We'd recommend staying at the park for the duration of the day if you are visiting during a holiday.

Park Hopper Tickets

When visiting Disneyland, you'll often see a lot of visitors walking in and out of the park at certain hours.

This is due to having a Park Hopper ticket, where visitors can visit both Disneyland and California Adventure in the same day.

A Park Hopper ticket allows guests to hop between the parks starting at 1:00 p.m. each day.

If you have a normal 1-day single park ticket, you should be aware that you are still able to upgrade to a park hopper ticket.

Will I Need to Repay For Parking?

No, visitors will not need to repay for parking if they have previously paid for parking, and are returning to the park.

Once you pay for parking, it will last for the full day.

Visitors will simply need to show their parking ticket/receipt when they approach the parking toll booth, and let the park attendant know that they are simply returning to the park.

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