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How to Get a Reservation at Club 33 | Easily Explained

If you've been around any of the Disney parks, chances are that you've stumbled across someone mentioning an exclusive club inside of the parks, but what is it exactly?

In this page we will go over what Club 33 is, the benefits it provides, how much it costs, the rules, and how to become a member.

    What is Club 33?

    Club 33 is an exclusive members only private dining club that is actually located inside of Disneyland Resort & Walt Disney World.

    This club has been at the top of the bucket list for most fans since it opened in 1967. The only way to obtain access into this club is to be a member yourself, or be a guest of a member. 



    In Disneyland, it is one of two locations where alcoholic beverages are actually permitted. 

    If you're looking to learn more about Club 33, including a behind-the-scenes look at everything there is to know about this legendary club, check out our Club 33 Guide.

    Fun Fact

    At one point in 2011, there was a 14 year waiting list for new members!

    Why is it Called Disney Club 33?

    It is named after the address it is located in, which is 33 Royal Street in New Orleans Square (at Disneyland).

    Club 33 was thought to be originally thought of by Walt Disney himself, in order to entertain his VIP guests.

    Club 33 Benefits

    • Annual passes to the parks.
    • 50 single day admission tickets.
    • 5 annual private VIP tours.
    • Access to secret lounges & restaurants inside of Disneyland.
    • Exclusive Club 33 merchandise
    • Tour of the Dream Suite

    There are also dozens of other rumored secret benefits and perks only given to members of the Club - some are rumored to only be given to the most exclusive members!

    How Much Does it Cost to be a Member?

    There is an initial membership fee and an annual fee afterwards.

    For Disneyland Resort, it costs an initial membership fee of $25,000 upfront, and then $10,000 annually for membership fees.

    For Walt Disney World, it costs an initial membership fee of $33,000 upfront, and then an annual fee of $15,000. 

    The high pricing is intended to maintain the exclusivity of the club, finance all of the benefits that Club 33 offers, and to go the extra mile (or two) to accommodate members.

    A popular, but just as pricey alternative to Club 33 for those who can't get in is 21 Royal.

    General Club 33 Rules

    In the day that you arrive, once you're let in through the front door you'll be reminded of all of the following rules.

    What is the Dress Code?

    Casual attire is allowed for both lunch and dinner.

    However, tank tops, cut-offs, swim suits, beachwear, shorts & flip flops/sandals aren't allowed.


    If your party arrives 30 minutes after the scheduled reservation time, your reservation may be subject to cancellation.

    Can you Take Pictures Inside?

    No, in fact both pictures and videos are not allowed.


    No smoking is permitted.

    How Many Members Does Club 33 Have?

    There isn't a public exact amount but there is rumored to be 500 members in club 33. 

    We discuss this in more detail, including who some celebrity Club 33 members might be in our Club 33 Member page!

    Make a Reservation in Advance

    Members must make reservations months in advance in order to secure a table for their desired date.

    You must also ensure that you arrive on time, as tardiness may result in cancelation of your reservation.




    How Can I Talk to Someone About Club 33?

    If you're interested in Club 33, you can express interest by emailing

    They receive a lot of interest, so if you don't receive an immediate response don't be alarmed. If for some reason. you've gone a few days without any type of update, feel free to send a follow up email.


    Club 33 Training

    New cast members who will work in Club 33 must receive 3 months of training. Compared to most jobs, that is on the higher end of training, but that should give you an idea of what type of high expectations are held that workers have to upkeep.

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