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What is the Disney Genie Service? | Simply Explained

Goodbye FastPass and Hello Disney Genie (+). Both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, are introducing a new planning tool this fall for all guests to easily personalize their day.

In this page we'll cover what the Disney Genie is, how it works, how to use the app, and the difference between Disney Genie vs Disney Genie +.

disney genie service

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What is the Disney Genie Service?

The Disney Genie Service is a planning tool introduced to essentially replace the FastPass system (The FastPass system has been suspended for quite some time due to the pandemic).

It is essentially a live itinerary, that you can use to plan your day before arriving to the park, and while you're at the park through the My Disney Experience app or Disney app.

disney genie service

However do not confuse this with Disney Genie +, as that is something different that is an additional cost. We cover this below.

How Does Disney Genie Work?

You'll login to the Disney app and make your picks based off of your preferences, and interests from different categories.

Categories such as attractions, entertainment/shows, and food. For example, if we were in the app, we would choose thrill rides & turkey legs.

disney genie park interest

Disney Genie will then use your choices to compile an itinerary specifically tailored around those choices.


Tabs in the App

There will then be two tabs 'My Tip Board' and 'My Day'.

My Tip Board will show all of your favorites in one place (Whatever that is a 'Must-Do' on your visit, should be on your favorites), while My Day will show your itinerary.

disney genie my park tip

The nice feature about this is that it's a live itinerary, meaning that as the day goes on, your itinerary will update. For example, you won't receive suggestions to visit a show at 9 am, if it's already the afternoon. Little tweaks like these make a big difference, as you can avoid needing to unnecessarily scroll to find the informatiln that you're looking for.

Crowd Prediction

Disney genie will also forecast/predict when the less busier times are for the things that you want to do.

For rides, you'll be able to see current ride wait times in the app, along with wait time forecasts.

Mobile Food Ordering

Guests will be able to order food through this app as well.

disney mobile food ordering

What Part of the Service is Free?

Disney Genie is free for all visitors, just remember Disney Genie is the live itinerary planning tool.

Disney Genie +

Disney Genie + on the other hand is an upgrade as it allows you to skip the regular line.

At Disney World it costs $15 per day, and at Disneyland it costs $20 per day. 

What Does the Extra Cost Provide?

It provides you access to the Lightning Lane entrance. You'll select one available attraction at a time throughout the day.

lightning lane entrance

It's essentially the evolution of the retired MaxPass.

Another option if you're only interested in specifically riding one or two rides.. You can schedule a time to arrive at up to two attractions. Pricing for this option will vary by date, day, and season.

Lightning Lane Across Parks

Lightning Lane selections must be made on the same day of your visit. 

Lightning Lane can be used across several theme parks, which is extremely convenient for those with the Park Hopper options.

Disney Genie vs Disney Genie +

Disney New Explained made a perfect graphic to explain the differences between the two passes.

Important Information to Know

Disneyland permanently discontinued MaxPass.

Walt Disney World has retired FastPass.

Disney Genie and Disney Genie + have essentially replaced these passes.

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