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Preferred Parking at Disneyland: Tips, Guide & Deals

Disneyland has two parking options, Preferred Parking and standard parking, which come with totally different prices and parking spot locations. 

Our Disneyland Preferred Parking Guide will breakdown everything you need to know about Preferred Parking at Disneyland including where you'll find Preferred Parking and our thoughts on if these spots are worth the extra cost! 

Questions We'll Answer About Preferred Parking At Disneyland:

  • What Exactly Is Preferred Parking?
  • How Much Does Preferred Parking Cost?
  • Where Is Preferred Parking Located?
  • Is Preferred Parking Better Than Standard Parking?
  • Is Preferred Parking Worth It?
  • Parking Discounts & Deals!


Mickey & Friends Preferred Parking Location at Disneyland

What Exactly Is Preferred Parking?

Preferred Parking is a premium parking option available at Disneyland Resort which puts you closer to escalators, elevators and exits.

We’ve dive into all of the specifics and details on Preferred Parking in the sections below!

How Much Does Preferred Parking Cost?

Preferred Parking at Disneyland currently costs $55 per vehicle for the day.

Preferred Parking is $20 more expensive than standard parking which is currently a $35 fee. 

Where Is Preferred Parking at Disneyland?

Preferred Parking is located at the Mickey & Friends and Pixar Pals parking structures. 

There is no Preferred Parking offered at the Toy Story Parking Area, so avoid heading to the Toy Story lot if you're looking to purchase Preferred Parking. 

Mickey and Friends Parking Structure On A Map

Preferred Parking spots are going to be closer to elevators, escalators and walkways to the Disneyland Tram.

The parking structures at Disneyland are massive (some of the largest in the world!), so these Preferred Parking spots can actually save you a significant chunk of walking time.   

First thing in the morning you might not think you'll need Preferred Parking, but after a day on your feet walking through Disneyland and California Adventure you might just wish you made that upgrade on your parking spot!

Because these spots are usually closer to marked exits, escalators and elevators, it's quite a bit easier to remember exactly where you parked as well. 

Disneyland Railroad Entrance

If you're interested in Preferred Parking you'll just need to pull into the Mickey & Friends or Pixar Pals parking structures and let the Disney cast member at the toll booth know you'd like to purchase Preferred Parking. 

From there you will be guided into a different lane by cast members who will take you to the next available Preferred Parking spot. 

Preferred Parking spots are subject to availability and do sometimes sell out on busy days!

Is Preferred Parking Better Than Standard Parking?

Typically Preferred Parking spots are going to be in better locations than standard parking at Disneyland.  

The biggest caveat to keep in mind though is the spot you are assigned is completely random and dependent on when you arrive and how Disney is filling the parking garage.

Early in the morning and later in the evenings you may get lucky with a standard parking spot and get a great spot near the exits and escalators. In these cases Preferred Parking won't always look as great of a deal.

Disneyland Parking Garage Directional Sign

However, as the parking garages get busier as the day progresses, Preferred Parking spots will consistently be in a much better location than Standard Parking.

There is no way to guarantee where Disney cast members will tell you to park your car, but Preferred Parking will consistently be in better locations than standard parking, though sometimes you may get with a really great standard spot. 

Is Preferred Parking at Disneyland Worth It?

Now for the big question... is Preferred Parking worth the extra $20?

Consider how much walking you'll be doing throughout the day at Disneyland and if you'd like to save some time on your feet. 

If you don't mind walking for an extended period and spending a bit more time walking to/from your car while at Disneyland then Preferred Parking probably isn't going to be worth it for you. 

On the other hand, if you're hoping to get to Disneyland as quickly as possible as well as a no hassle and quicker walk back to your car at the end of the day, then Preferred Parking is probably going to be worth the extra $20. 

Disneyland Parking Garage From The Road

Parking Discounts & Deals!

As of now there are no discounts on Preferred Parking, but there are discounts available on standard parking if you have a Magic Key. 

The Inspire Key includes free parking at Disneyland while the Dream Key gives you 50% off.

The Enchant and Imagine Key gets you a discount of 25% at the Toy Story Parking Area, but no discount at the Mickey & Friends or Pixar Pals parking structures. 

Even if you use your Inspire Key or Dream Key to purchase standard parking at a discounted price and then decide to upgrade to Preferred Parking you will need to pay the difference towards the full price. 

While there are no discounts on Preferred Parking at the moment, you could save over $10+ per person by purchasing your Disneyland Tickets online from Theme Park Center

These savings can easily give you a little bit more room in your budget to put towards Preferred Parking! 

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