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What Disneyland's Bag Policy? | Easily Explained

Every theme park has its own rules of what you can or can't bring, and it can get a little overwhelming trying figure it out while also trying to plan your vacation.

In this page, we cover exactly what you can and can't bring into Disneyland.

What is the Disneyland Bag Policy?

Visitors are allowed to bring backpacks into the Disneyland park, however the bags cannot have wheels, and must be smaller than the following dimensions: 

  • 24" long x 15" wide x 18" high.

disneyland bag policy

You'll also be able to rent a locker and conveniently store your backpack and valuables inside of the locker, while you ride the rides or navigate through the park.

Inspection Entering the Park

Visitors should be aware that all guests, bags, packages and other items are subject to inspection, including metal detection or other screening measures before entering the park.

Can You Bring Bags on Rides?

You are able to bring bags to almost every ride at Disneyland except for a few rides including:

  • Soarin' Around the World/Soarin' Over California
  • Grizzly River Run (as your bag will get soaked)
  • Silly Symphony Swings (you will be dangling in the air with nowhere to place your bag)

grizzly river run disneyland

For almost every ride, you'll simply be asked to place your bag on the pouch in front of you, or near your feet for the duration of the ride.

For the Silly Symphony Swings rides, you can simply ask the Cast member where you can place your bag, and they'll point you to a designated area to place your bags while you ride.

For this ride in particular, you'll be going in a circle outdoors so it's also able to stay within eye sight. 

However, in the event that it may rain, you'll definitely want to consider a locker.

Can You Bring Water Into the Park?

Yes, you're able to bring your own water bottle into the park.

There are also water refill stations strategically placed around both Disneyland and the California Adventure park, to quench your thirst throughout the day without having to spend extra money.

water refill stations at disneyland and california adventure

You can find these refill stations on the Disneyland Mobile App.

These water refill stations can also be found at several Disneyland hotels.

water refill station at disneyland's grand californian hotel

Can You Bring Food Into the Park?

Yes, you're also able to bring food into Disneyland, as long as you follow a few rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Clear Bag Only Policy?

No, your bag does not need to be see-through to gain entry into the park, it simply has to follow the size dimensions stated above.

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