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Does The Polite Pig Take Reservations? | Simply Explained

The Polite Pig is one of the most popular restaurants at Disney Springs, and with lines sometimes stretching outside of the building you might be wondering if you should’ve just made a reservation.

We're here to explain if reservations are accepted at The Polite Pig and how else you can beat the long lines at this super popular restaurant!

Questions We'll Answer About Reservations at The Polite Pig:

  • Does The Polite Pig Take Reservations?
  • How Does Walk-Up Work at The Polite Pig?
  • How Do Online Orders Work at The Polite Pig?

Polite Pig storefront at Disney Springs

Does The Polite Pig Take Reservations?

The Polite Pig currently does not accept reservations at this time, however there are some alternative options!

The easiest way to avoid any lengthy waits at The Polite Pig is to make an online order.

You can easily make an online order for The Polite Pig using the online order platform right on The Polite Pig website

Your order will be placed in to-go boxes, but you won’t have any issues eating your food inside the restaurant.

As long as you’re okay with your food being packaged up then making an online order is a great way to avoid standing in a long line.

The only other way to avoid a long line at The Polite Pig is to arrive before/after peak lunch hours 11:30AM - 1:30PM or before/after peak dinner hours 5:30PM - 7:30PM.

Polite Pig entrance next to “Lime Garage” sign

Outside of these hours you’ll typically be able to walk right up and order your food with a minimal wait.

If you’re going to arrive during these hours, and not make an online order, then prepare for a wait that could take over 45 minutes at times!

How Does Walk-Up Work At Polite Pig?

Walk-up ordering at Polite Pig is very straightforward as it’s the primary way to order food at the restaurant.

The entrance to Polite Pig is actually on the side of the building where you’ll be greeted by some queuing space.

After you move through the queue and order your food at the counter you’ll be given an order number to place on whatever open seating space you can find. 

Giant Pretzel

From there one of the Polite Pig servers will deliver your food to your table! 

Condiments and fountain drinks are self-service so you’re free grab whatever combo of sauces and drinks you’d like (beverages except for water are an additional fee, of course). 

How Do Online Orders Work At Polite Pig?

Online orders can be placed directly on the Polite Pig website

You'll find nearly the entire menu available for online ordering with the exception of alcohol and certain seasonal or dessert items. 

Pulled Pork and Mac N Cheese

Online orders should typically be placed 30-45 minutes in advance of when you'd like to pickup the order as there is a bit of additional preparation time that comes with online ordering. 

If you're driving to Disney Springs this is a great way to have your food ready by the time you park and walk over to The Polite Pig. 

Online orders are always automatically categorized as "to go" or "pick up", but you'll have no problem eating your food at The Polite Pig.

You'll just need to unpackage your food when you sit down as it will be in paper boxes and plastic containers as if the order was to go. 

Otherwise, online ordering is a great way to beat the lines at The Polite Pig if you plan ahead and place your order about 30 minutes in advance of when you'd like to eat. 



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