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Is Disney World Worth It? | Easily Explained

Disney World features some of the world's most popular theme parks. It has such a great reputation that guests fly from all over the world to be able to experience it.

One of the questions that we routinely get is if Disney World is still worth it.

In this page, we will cover everything that you need to consider during a Disney World experience.

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Is Disney World Worth It?

Disney World is absolutely an experience that is worth going to. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the park has taken extraordinary measures to prioritize guest safety, while still allowing guests to experience everything that they want, without restrictions. The 4 large parks in Disney World offer something that everyone can enjoy.

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There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when visiting Disney World, to have the best possible experience.

We've summarized them in the below list:

  • Best Time to Visit
  • What Experiences Do You Prefer
  • Are You Visiting Alone?

Best Time to Visit

Knowing the best time to visit Disney World is very important, as this isn't a park that you can go to without planning beforehand (for the best experience).

If you visit during the busiest time of the year, you will deal with long lines which equates to spending most of your visit waiting. It also means many more people when you're walking around the park, which can be overwhelming for some people.

In general, the best days to visit Disney World are during the weekdays, from Monday - Wednesday.

This is due to the fact that most guests from out of town plan their vacations around the weekend.

What Experiences Do You Prefer

Naturally, each park has a set of extremely popular rides/shows/experiences that guests will wait hours for.

If you are a thrill seeker, you'll want to go on rides such as Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, Test Track and Expedition Everest.

If you're someone who likes to walk around and experience things at your own pace, you'll want to visit Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

And if you're someone who just loves fireworks and shows, you'll want to stick around until night time to see Magic Kingdom's famous Disney Enchantment fireworks show. 

We've written an article on Which Disney World Park is the Best that breaks down the park based on what your preferences are.

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Are You Visiting Alone

Visiting Disney World will be a great experience whether you're visiting alone, as there is much to do, and is a great atmosphere all around.

However, we'd recommend visiting the parks with at least one other person, as some of the less exciting parts of any theme park such as waiting in line can fly by with company.

Also, did you really go to Disney World if you didn't take a picture? Not needing to ask strangers for a picture (or several pictures to get the right one) is a serious perk.

Is It Worth Going to Disney World For 1 Day?

How Many Days Are You Visiting

Disney World offers 1 day to 10 day tickets. Depending on which one you choose, it will vary in price.You will receive a larger discounted price for multi day tickets. We normally recommend visiting at least 2 days in order to get the best experience out of the park.

A 1 day visit is doable, however you will have to prioritize your must-do experiences, and you will not be able to experience everything that the park offers.

A multi-day visit will allow you to be more laid back and flexible with your plans, as well as being able to see everything that the park offers.

Is Disney World Worth It If You Don't Like Rides?

Yes absolutely, as there are plenty of other activities to do including EPCOT's Food and Wine Festival, Drinking Around the World (if you're 21+), seeing the fireworks show, walking through Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, and walking through Pandora World of Avatar.

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