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5 Best Shoes For Walking Around Disney World | Easily Explained

Wearing the wrong shoes at a theme park, and having foot pain throughout your day can negatively affect your entire experience, and even cut your day short.

We've been there.

Which is exactly why we've created a list of the best shoes for walking around Disney World, along with the pros and cons of each shoe, and what features to look for in a good shoe.

Table of Contents

  1. ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 7
  2. ASICS Women's Gel-Contend 7
  3. FRSHANIAH Men Athletic Shoes
  4. Adidas Women's Racer T-21
  5. Adidas Child Lite Racer Adapt 4.0


1. ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 7

Best Overall For Men

asics mens gel venture 7


The ASICS brand is one of the most reliable when it comes to having to walk or run long distances, while remaining comfortable.

The ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 7 is our favorite as it uses the Rearfoot GEL technology cushioning system to provide maximum comfortability.

This shoe also has great breathability and moisture management, which is the perfect combination of tools to deal with a long day at a theme park.

I've used this shoe to run 5 miles as a workout, walk an entire day around different theme parks, and stand in line for a total of a few hours, and I've yet to have a problem with this shoe.


The main con of this shoe is just the look in general. 

There are certainly better looking shoes out there, however if you can get past the looks, it's a fantastic shoe overall.

2. ASICS Women's Gel-Contend 7

Best Overall For Women

asics womens gel contend 7


The ASICS Women's Gel Contend 7 is our favorite choice due to their gel technology, that does a great job absorbing any type of impact due to the cushioning in the shoe.

Additionally, it has excellent airflow and moisture management, which helps prevent your feet from sweating profusely.

This is a feature that comes in extremely handy when walking (and standing) all day at a theme park.

Additionally, these are very lightweight, and in the event that they do get wet, they dry off very quickly.


There are certainly better looking shoes out there, however if you can get past the looks, it's a fantastic shoe overall.

3. FRSHANIAH Men Athletic Shoes

Best Mix of Style & Comfort

frshaniah men athletic shoes


Although the ASICS shoes may not have the best look, the FRSHANIAH Men Athletic shoes do.

These shoes are the perfect blend of style and comfort, they are very breathable for your feet, and you can easily slip them on your feet.

One of the underrated qualities of this shoe is that it's a non-slip shoe, which provides you with peace of mind on wet surfaces.

Additionally, these shoes come with over a dozen different color options, giving great flexibility to your outfit choices.


Not as comfortable as the ASICS shoe.

4. Adidas Women's Racer T-21

Best Mix of Fashion & Comfort

adidas womens racer tr21


The Adidas Women's Racer T-21 is the perfect combination of a beautiful looking shoe, as well as being comfortable and reliable.

The feature that sticks out with this shoe is the Cloudfoam midsole, which provides fantastic cushioning for your feet, and shortens the break-in period for the shoe.

These shoes are stylish, have an affordable price-point, and also come in over a dozen different colors and patterns.

You'll want to go half a size down for these shoes as they run a little large.


Not as comfortable as the ASICS shoe.

5. Adidas Child Lite Racer Adapt 4.0

Best Overall For Kids of All Ages


The Adidas Child Lite Racer Adapt 4.0 shoes is hands down the best shoe for kids.

They are comfortable, easy to put on, durable, and best of all... Have no shoe laces to tie.

As great as the kiddos are at learning, waiting for them to tie their untied shoes a few times in a crowded theme park can add up quickly.

Additionally they're stylish for kids, it's a unisex shoe, and they offer sizes for infants (0-12 months old) to 'Big Kids' (8-12 years old).


The shoe can run a bit narrow in size, which will make it tougher for those with wide feet to fit in.

    What Features Make Up a Good Shoe

    When you're visiting a theme park, you'll be doing miles and miles of walking throughout the day, especially at Disney World.

    You'll want to have a shoe that has the following qualities:

    • Comfortable with good cushioning
    • Made for walking/running long distances
    • Has solid arch support
    • Durable

    Another feature that isn't necessary but rather nice to have is the shoe being water resistant.

    Whether you're walking in the rain, walking through puddles after it rained, or even getting wet from water rides, you'd be surprised at how much this feature can help during your visit.

     hollywood boulevard in hollywood studios in disney world

    What to Know Before Wearing Your Shoe to Disney World

    Break In Your Shoe

    As tempting as it may be to not use your brand new shoes for Disney World until the day of in order to prevent them from getting dirty....

    Break them in!

    Every new pair of shoes requires a break-in period, where your feet are adjusting to the shoe, and it can be uncomfortable for a short period of time.

    Don't wait until the day that you're visiting Disney World to break them in, as by then it's already too late.


    By breaking your brand-new shoes in, you'll save your feet from experiencing pain, and needing to find a place to take them off so that you can relax your feet for a few minutes.

    Bring an Extra Pair of Socks

    No, seriously.

    If your socks get soaked at any point during your visit, you'll wish you had, as you walk around the park with wet feet.

    umbrella in the rain

    Packing an extra pair of socks seems very weird at first, but in the event that you do need it, you'll be thanking yourself for bringing it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Shoes Should You Not Wear at Disney World?

    You should not wear shoes that will be difficult to walk on for long periods of time including heels, or any footwear with hard-soles.

    Can You Wear Sandals to Disney World?

    You can absolutely wear sandals to Disney World without a problem. It'll simply come down to comfort. Some visitors can walk in sandals the entire day without any foot pain, while others prefer shoes.

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