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Which Disney World Park is the Best? | Explained

In this page, we will cover which Disney World park is the best, break down what is offered in each park, and by the end of this guide you'll be well informed to know which park will be the best fit for you.

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Table of Contents

  1. Magic Kingdom
  2. Disney's Hollywood Studios
  3. Animal Kingdom
  4. EPCOT

    1. Magic Kingdom

    Magic Kingdom is the park that appeals to everyone. Whether you're taking your kids to Disney, your family, your friends, or just your significant other, there's something that everyone can enjoy.

    The Famous Disney Castle

    The famous Cinderella castle is located in Magic Kingdom! This is the perfect place to take your iconic picture where the memories will last you a lifetime.

    disney world castle

    Recently, the castle colors have changed to honor the 50th anniversary of the park.

    There's no telling if these colors are temporary or permanent, but regardless a picture with the newly-colored castle will capture a great moment in history.


    There aren't many shows in the world like the nighttime fireworks show in Magic Kingdom. 

    magic kingdom fireworks walt disney

    Some of the most advanced technology is used in these shows that leave guests in amazement.

    The castle will not only change colors in seconds, but your favorite Disney characters will be live on the castle walls, talking, running and even singing at times.

    The show does a great job transitioning from one movie (and character) to the next, throughout the entire show, all while fireworks are synchronously firing off in the background.

    Thrilling Rides

    Some of the most thrilling rides can be found in this park such as Space Mountain, Splash Mountain & the Haunted Mansion.

    haunted mansion magic kingdom

    Both 'Mountain' rides offer high speeds and turns for riders, in unique experiences.

    Laid Back Rides

    However, Magic Kingdom also offers plenty of rides that families can enjoy such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan's Flight and the Jungle Cruise.

    pirates of the caribbean magic kingdom

    These rides are slower paced rides which are mostly focused on visual effects. Riders will be immersed in each unique world, and be able to enjoy the entire ride, without needing to worry about a sudden speedy drop.


    Disney's beloved characters can be found at this park ready to meet and greet you, and take pictures with you!


    Not all Disney Parks offer alcohol, but alcohol is offered in Magic Kingdom at certain restaurants!

    If you're looking to take a break from the heat, and enjoy a nice beverage in the AC, you can certainly do so.

    2. Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Hollywood Studios is a fantastic park that is mostly tailored towards teenagers and adults. Although there is an amazing dedicated area for Star Wars that kids can enjoy, overall the park as a whole will be enjoyed more by the aforementioned age group.

    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

    Hands down, one of the best parts of the park is Galaxy's Edge. If you're a Star Wars fan, you'll marvel at how much effort was put into this area.

    star wars galaxys edge

    The moment that you step foot in there, it will feel as if you've stepped into another world, and you'll notice every single detail has been thought out, from the floor, to the stores, to the trash cans, the rides, the restroom signs, and even the cast members. 

    Everything is Star wars-themed, and transitions perfectly from one area to another.

    It will genuinely feel as if you're in the actual Star Wars movies.

    This area features amazing rides, shops, restaurants, and gift shops.

    Sunset Boulevard

    Prior to the opening of Galaxy's Edge, this was the most popular area of the park. To this day, it is still a must-visit area.

    sunset boulevard

    It includes the ultra popular rides Rock 'N' Roller coaster & the jaw dropping Tower of Terror, but best of all it provides a great strip that guests can explore around.

    There are dining and shopping opportunities here as well.

    Fan Favorite Rides

    There are many rides at Hollywood Studios that you just can't miss including Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and the Tower of Terror.

    Rise of the Resistance

    Rise of the Resistance isn't your ordinary ride that you hop on, and it's over in under a minute. There's a walk-through portion, a dark ride portion, a simulator portion, and even includes a drop and a lift.

    star wars rise of the resistance

    You'll initially be taken captive by a First Order Star Destroyer, until a team of Resistance fighters intervene and try to help you escape.

    In this journey you'll experience the escape pod, avoiding storm trooper shots, and even see the battle going on outside in space.

    Tower of Terror

    If you've been anywhere near the Sunset Boulevard area of the park, you'll immediately hear the screams coming from the Tower of Terror.

    tower of terror

    The story behind this ride is that the hotel was struck by lightning in 1939, and those riding the elevator, along with those in a specific area of the hotel vanished. 

    Guests will be introduced to the famous Twilight Zone.

    Alcohol at Oga's Cantina

    Oga's Cantina is one of the unique parts of the park. This notorious watering hole offers delicious food, and drinks.

    ogas cantina hollywood studios

    It's one of the few places in all of Disney where alcohol is served, with naturally makes it a very popular location.

    Additionally, the atmosphere is incredible, as it will feel as if you were in the middle of a light saber battle, and you've stopped by for a quick break in this cave-like bar.

    3. Animal Kingdom

    Animal Kingdom is another park that is perfect for all age groups, especially if you love animals.

    If the name wasn't a giveaway, this entire theme of this park is around animals (and bugs)!

    This 500 acre park is the largest Disney park and home to over 1700 animals. Similarly to how Star Wars is associated with Hollywood Studios, Avatar is directly correlated to Animal Kingdom.

    Tree of Life

    Located in the center of the Animal Kingdom park, the iconic tree of life towers at 145 feet and can be seen from quite a distance away.

    tree of life animal kingdom

    As you walk closer towards the tree, you'll begin to make out shapes of different animals, which are perfectly carved on the actual tree.

    Close to 400 types of animals are carved on this giant tree, and really showcases the talent of the team of artisans who came together to create this icon of the park.

    These carvings extend from the roots of the tree all the way up to the branches.

    The goal of this tree was to make a large enough tree that could withstand hurricane winds, while at the same time giving it a realistic look.

    Pandora World of Avatar

    This is hands down one of the most unique experiences that you'll ever have. There's an entire area themed around the movie Avatar, that took the world by storm due to their amazing special effects.

    pandora world of avatar

    This 12 acre area features Pandora's mountains (which are actually floating in the air), two attractions, shows, and even places to eat.

    Even if you aren't planning on riding any of the rides in this area, it's a 'must-do' at the very least to walk around this unique area.


    A trip to Animal Kingdom is not complete without a visit to the Kilimanjaro Safari.

    This safari ride will simulate a ride through the East African Savanna, as you'll travel through the 110 acre area.

    Some of the animals you'll see include cheetahs, lions, rhinos, hippos, okapis, giraffes, and even crocodiles.

    Your tour guide will take you through different spots throughout the ride, point out animals and provide riders with interesting facts about each of the 34 species of animals.

    They are trained to have a sharp eye, in order to see animals that guests normally miss. 

    kilimanjaro safari

    Avatar Flight of Passage

    Just to recap, Pandora World of Avatar is an entire section of the park. Now a ride that you can't miss is Avatar Flight of Passage!

    Grab a pair of 3D glasses and strap on to your banshee, as this will certainly be an adventure.

    This 3D flying simulator ride will take you on top of a winged mountain banshee, and you'll fly around at high speeds and sharp turns through the moon.

    This ride begins by flying you through stars & galaxies until you've made it to the World of Pandora.

    Riders will get right into it as they experience the first nose dive drop, seconds after entering this new world.

    4. EPCOT

    EPCOT is widely known as an adult park, due to some of the fan favorite offerings such as Drinking around the world.

    The park is split into only 2 sections in Future World and World Showcase.

    epcot future world

    Future World

    Future World is the portion of the park that focuses on innovation and technology. It details Walt's vision through unique architecture and design.

    Here, you'll be able to find popular rides such as Test Track, Mission: Space, and The Seas With Nemo & Friends.

    World Showcase

    This portion of the park is exactly what it sounds like, as this area features different countries.

    epcot anniversary

    In each country, you'll find authentic food, drinks and even live experiences. They do a great job of providing guest with a real-life experience around the world.

    As you walk around from country to country, you'll immediately see everything flip in seconds, ranging from the types of building architecture to the types of food that are offered.

    Top Rides

    Soarin' Around the World and Test Track are some of the best rides at EPCOT, and you just have to ride them to understand.


    This flight motion simulator will take riders high into the air showcasing the beauties of the world.

    soarin epcot

    Guests will begin in the Swiss Alps, travel above the Pyramids of Egypt, and even see the Wall of China!

    To top it all off, this ride uses artificial winds and aromas, to give guests the most realistic experience possible.

    It will genuinely feel as if you're traveling the world at high speeds, heading directly from one trademark destination to another seamlessly.

    Test Track

    The rules are simple. 

    test track

    Design your own vehicle exactly how you want it, and then test drive it!

    One of the coolest rides in all of the Disney parks, guests will select their car, and then move on to the next phase in order to board, and then finally begin riding.

    Drink Around the World

    Drinking around the world is one of the most fun activities at EPCOT, however it can be a bit pricey as well.

    There are 11 countries in EPCOT, and along with that there are 11 drinks. This is why it's commonly referred to as 'Drinking Around the World' as you travel from country to country.

    Each country is specifically designed to appropriately match the actual country, and provide guests with an authentic experience.

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