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Are There Any Student Discounts For Disney World? | Explained

Being a current student can allow you to receive special rates at many places, but does this apply to Disney World?

In this page, we will explain if there are any student discounts for Disney World, and if so, what they are.

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Are There Any Student Discounts For Disney World?

There are student discounts available for students who are traveling to the park together in groups of at least 10 people. These tickets are known as 'Student Group Tickets'.

You can purchase these tickets directly from the Disney Imagination Campus site.

How Do Student Group Tickets Work?

After heading to the Disney Imagination Campus site, you'll select Walt Disney World as your location.

select disney world as location

You'll then select which activity your group would like to participate in, and then select the dates that you would like to visit.

Lastly, you'll fill out a questionnaire where you'll input your personal information, the size of your group, and any existing questions that you have.

You'll submit this form, and a Disney Cast member will review all of your information, and reach out to you to answer your questions and provide you more exact information on:

  • Exact pricing
  • Days that are available for that group size
  • Different programs available

student group questionnaire for disney world

Check With Your University's Site

If you are a current student at a College or a University, you'll want to check your school's site as they will often have large discounts specifically for their students.

University of Central Florida in particular has the SGA Ticket Centerwhich offers specially-priced tickets to various local theme parks, attractions, movie theaters, and transportation providers.

It's not limited to strictly Disney, as you can see below that they currently have discounts to several different theme parks.

ucf discounts for theme parks

Other Types of Discounts

Disney World also features a Special Offers page that is frequently updated.

The unique aspect of this page is that these discounts aren't limited to theme parks.

They also include Disney Resorts and Disney merchandise from the shopDisney site.

These discounts typically include:

  • Military members
  • Disney VISA cardmembers
  • Discounts for certain seasons (Fall discounts, Springs discounts etc.)

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