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How Long Does it Take to Walk Around Disney World? | Each Park

Every Disney park takes a different amount of time to walk around the park, while visiting all of the major attractions.

In this page we will cover how long it takes to walk around Disney World, and break down each park.

Table of Contents

Walking Around Magic Kingdom

1-2 days. Magic Kingdom is the most popular park at Disney World, and aside from having tons of must-see attractions, there will also be heavier crowds.

magic kingdom mickey mouse

The park is split into 6 separate areas. Visiting all of these areas will require at least a full day. 

  1. Frontierland
  2. Fantasyland
  3. Adventureland
  4. Libertysquare
  5. Tomorrowland
  6. Mainstreet USA

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Whether you are interested in thrilling roller coasters, seeing shows, shopping, or even seeing fireworks, there's absolutely something for all visitors to enjoy.

Walking Around Disney's Hollywood Studios

0.5-1 day.

For Hollywood Studios, the park is split into 8 sections! Although that is more sections than Magic Kingdom, it's a lot easier and faster to navigate around.

star wars rise of the resistance

There's one thing that you must do first to get the most out of your day:

For Hollywood Studios, guests will want to visit Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge first. This ride is guaranteed to be the most packed, and once you know this out of the way, the rest of your day goes by much quicker.

We'd also recommend starting from the back of the park and work your way towards the front, as you spend your day at the park.

As most guests enter the park, they tend to hand around the front and work towards the back as they go through their day. You'd essentially be going in reverse, and it'll allow you to avoid a most of the larger crowd.

If that tip was useful for you, you'll want to check out our Disney's Hollywood Studios Tips to know all of the tips and tricks before arriving to the park.

Walking Around Animal Kingdom

At least one full day. Animal Kingdom has shorter hours than the other Disney World parks, which makes your time there that much more valuable.

It offers a complete theme park including rides, safari tours, shows, and various areas that you can simply walk through. It also features the massive and iconic 145 ft tree of life at the center of the park.

tree of life animal kingdom

One of the nicer features of Animal Kingdom is that it tailors to all ages. The visual aspect of the park, along with the safari tours and areas where guests can simply walk around (such as Pandora: World of Avatar) make it perfect for younger kids and families.

For teens and adults, there are many thrilling rides including Avatar Flight of Passage and Dinosaur that will create unforgettable experiences. Additionally, there are shows, and lounges for a more laid-back experience.

Walking Around EPCOT

1-2 days.

EPCOT is split into two different parts, Future World and World Showcase.

epcot ball

Future World

Is the portion of the park that focuses on innovation and technology. It details Walt's vision through unique architecture and design.

Here, you'll be able to find popular rides such as Test Track, Mission: Space, and The Seas With Nemo & Friends.

Future World can be found straight ahead, right after entering the main entrance of the park.

World Showcase

This portion of the park is exactly what it sounds like, as this area features different countries.

In each country, you'll find authentic food, drinks and even live experiences. They do a great job of providing guest with a real-life experience around the world.

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