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Transportation From Disney to SeaWorld | Easily Explained

If you're in Orlando, there's a high chance that you're visiting multiple theme parks during your visit.

In this page, we'll cover the easiest options for transportation from Disney to SeaWorld.

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Shuttle Bus

Mears is the official Disney world shuttle service that provides rides from theme parks, airports and even hotels. The reason why it is such a popular ride alternative is due to the 24/7 service, eliminates having to deal with parking fees, tolls, gas and insurance costs associated with renting cars.

transportation bus

Prices will vary on whether the passengers are adults or children as well as the dates that you want to use this service.

The booking process is very straight forward, you'll simply click the 'Reserve Now' button on their website, which will then ask you where you want to be picked up from and dropped off.

book now mears


You'll then choose the dates and after clicking continue, you will be matched with several options including Luxury Sedans, Luxury SUV's and Luxury vans.

mears reservation process

Ride Sharing Services

If you are traveling with a smaller number of people, or you don't want to deal with booking reservations way in advance, ride sharing services may be a great fit.


All that you'll have to do is download a ride sharing service app such as Uber or Lyft, and you'll be able to call for a car immediately, or even schedule hours (or days) ahead for pick up.

The great thing about this is that if you decide to reschedule, you won't have to worry about calling in order to do this, as everything can be done from the app.

Additionally, you are able to picked up from any location, not just set locations. However, the rides will most likely not be luxury cars with guaranteed service.

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