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Can You Transfer Disneyland Tickets to Disney World? | Explained

The Disney parks are some of the best theme parks in the world, but keeping up with the different rules around tickets can get a little confusing at times.

Many guests wonder, if you purchase a Disneyland ticket, can you transfer that same Disneyland ticket to Disney World?

In this page, we will explain, how the ticket transfer process works, if tickets expire, and what happens if they expire.

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Can You Transfer Disneyland Tickets to Disney World?

Visitors are unable to transfer an unused Disneyland ticket into a Disney World ticket. Although they are both Disney parks, Disneyland and Disney World are completely separate theme parks.

Disneyland physical ticket

There are two notable sections in the Disneyland eticket terms and conditions that you'll want to be aware of.

Tickets Have Expiration Dates

1-day tickets must be used by the dates set forth on such tickets and are valid for dates in the same or lower tier.

Multi-day tickets must be used within 13 days after the first time it is used or by the stated expiration date, whichever occurs first.

Your Ticket is Counted When You Walk in

Each day that a multi day ticket is used counts as a full day.

This means that even if you're only at the park for half the day, you won't have another half of a day left in the future, as it will count as a full day at the park.

No Refunds on Unused Perks

Another important condition to note is that if you purchase a perk such as a multi-day ticket and/or a park-hopper ticket and don't get to use it, you won't receive credit or a refund.

For example:

  • Having a park hopper ticket but only going to 1 park
  • Having a 3 day ticket, but only going for 2 days

disneyland walt disney world statue

What Happens If My Ticket Expires?

If your Disneyland ticket is completely unused and expires, your ticket value could be applied towards the purchase of a new Disneyland ticket.

However, the new ticket's purchase price should be equal or greater than your expired ticket.

This means that if you originally purchased your ticket for $150 and it expired, the value of $150 may be applied towards another ticket of equal or greater value.

If say, you tried to use the value of your expired ticket ($150) towards a new ticket that was $145, you would not receive $5 in cash back ($150 - $145 = $5).

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