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What is the Best Age for a Disney Cruise? | Simply Explained

In this page, we'll go over what the best age for a Disney Cruise is, the different offerings in the cruise for each age group, and the perks of a Disney Cruise.

disney cruise

    Best Age for a Disney Cruise

    The best age for a Disney Cruise is for those of ages 5 and over. In general, there are more activities and experiences for visitors over the age of 5, and you'll have a more fun and relaxing experience. 

    That's not to say that you can't have a great experience when bringing the younger kiddos however. As you'll see below, Disney Cruises do a phenomenal job of catering to each age group. 

    Ages 3 and Under

    Small World Nursery

    small world nursey disney cruise

    In this indoor childcare center, kids are able to play and rest while being looked after by expert Disney counselors.

    You should be aware that in order to access this area you must make a reservation.

    You can read more about reservations, and what items you should bring for your child directly from the Disney site.

    Ages 3-12

    Another popular activity for the younger crowd is the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

    Here, the kiddos can transform into a princess, knight, or sea captain.

    captain jack

    Kids can enjoy a magical makeover, including hairstyling, costumes, makeup, that lets them live their storybook fantasies.

    bibbidi bobbidi boutique

    You can book an appointment for your child on a first come, first served basis, using one of the following methods:

    • Online, prior to embarkation, by visiting the Planning Center and accessing My Disney Cruise
    • By visiting Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, located on Deck 5, Midship, on the Disney Dream or Disney Fantasy, and on Deck 10, Forward, on the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder

    Ages 11-14


    Is an activity center designed for tweens, where they can watch movies, enjoy games, work on their arts and crafts with other kids in similar age groups. 

    disney edge club

    Kids Pools & Splash Areas are also available for maximum fun.

    Ages 14-17


    vibe teen club

    Is Disney's Teen Lounge where kids can relax, lay back, socialize, watch TV and even play games (video games, board games & tablets).

    There are even dance parties and karaoke music, where the teens can see who has the best singing voice.

    One of the coolest things about this area is that it is located in the highest point of the ship, and is located in the iconic red forward funnel of the ship.

    Ages 18+

    Fitness Center

    If you decide that you'd like to workout during your vacation, the Fitness Center is readily available for you.

    fitness center disney cruise

    Whether you want to lift weights, get a cardiovascular workout on a treadmill, work on your core with medicine balls, or even just stretch on yoga mats, this center has you covered.

    Nightclub & Lounges

    Are available strictly for those ages 18+.

    Depending on which cruise that you choose, you'll have different offerings, but one of the best ones is the Skyline Bar Lounge.

    skyline bar lounge

    Here you'll experience a high-style, upscale lounge with panoramic vistas of city skylines that magically transform from day to night.

    You'll also experience the hand crafter cocktails that were inspired by some of the most famous cities in the world.

    Spa & Salon

    What's better than relaxing in a spa, on the water? The answer is 'Not much'.

    The Senses Spa allows guests to experience high-end salon services and treatments inside an elegant spa boasting an ocean view.

    Quiet Cove Pool

    A beautiful and peaceful pool designed specifically for adults 18+ of age.

    Escape to this onboard oasis exclusively for adults and enjoy a serene atmosphere and cocktails.

    quiet cove pool

    Disney Cruise Customer Service

    The events, activities, and meals are all coordinated down to the microsecond which means several things.

    For starters, everything is perfectly organized for the best possible experience for all guests. Secondly, it allows guests to know exactly what to expect, when to expect it, and how to plan their vacation around it accordingly.

    As far as the customer service, it's absolutely amazing. Whatever you need, whenever you need it don't hesitate to ask.

    The Disney staff is happy to accommodate you, and will consistently go the extra mile to make sure that guests have everything that they need.

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