How Long Does a Six Flags Season Pass Last? | Explained

Every theme park has different policies on their season pass policies.

In this page, we will explain how long a Six Flags Season Pass lasts, and when it expires.

    How Long Does a Six Flags Season Pass Last?

    A Six Flags Season Pass can last an entire year, or only up to September 4th 2023, depending on which pass you purchase.

    A Gold Season pass only lasts to September 4th, 2023, while the Platinum and Diamond passes lasts through December 31st of 2023.

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    Where to Check the Expiration Date

    You can also check when your Season Pass expires on the Six Flags pass holder portal.

    In that portal, you'll simply login using your credentials, and click the details of your pass.

    You can also contact and/or visit Guest Relations and they will provide you all of the information that you need regarding your ticket.

    Summer Pass is Introduced

    Earlier this year, a Six Flags Summer Pass was introduced to the parks.

    A Summer Pass works very similarly to a Season Pass, in the way that you can visit the park everyday until a certain date that is stated on your pass.

    A Six Flags Summer Pass allows visitors unlimited access to the Six Flags park for the entire summer, which means from May through Labor day.

    Six Flags Used to Offer an Annual Pass

    Six Flags previously only offered Annual passes, but they have recently shifted back to Season Passes for all of their parks.

    You can read below exactly how these annual passes worked.

    An annual pass for a theme park typically lasts 365 days from the day that it was purchased.

    This park in particular offers three types of Annual Passes:

    • Thrill Seeker
    • Extreme
    • Ultimate

    All three passes are valid for 12 months, and each pass offers a different variety of benefits. 

    We've created a guide that details all of the Six Flags parks, where they are located, and what each one offers.

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