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Can You Use Six Flags Visa Cards Anywhere? | Explained

Six Flags recently made the transition for guests to use cashless payment options.

But what happens if you don't use the entire balance in the card while you're at the Six Flags park?

In this page, we explain if you can use your Six Flags Visa card anywhere.

Can You Use Six Flags Visa Cards Anywhere?

If you still have leftover money inside of the Six Flags Visa card after your visit, you are still able to use that card anywhere else.

can you use six flags visa card anywhere

It will simply function like any normal Visa gift card.

However, you should be aware that these cards are not reloadable.

Once you have used the entire balance on the card, you're not able to put more money inside of the card.

What If My Balance is Too Small?

If you have a small balance where you are unable to purchase anything, such as $0.50..

You can still use this amount, by using two cards.

You'll simply ask the cashier to charge $0.50 on the Six Flags Visa card (the remaining amount), and use another card to pay the remainder.

Do Six Flags Visa Cards Expire?

Although there is a Valid Thru date on the card, Six Flags Visa cards do not expire.

If the Valid Thru Date shows yesterday, you'll simply need to call (the number on the back of the card) to receive a new card.

credit card expiry date

Six Flags Stops Taking Cash

All Six Flags parks currently do not accept cash as they have made a transition for guests to use cashless payment options.

Guests will be able to use a 'Cash-to-Card Kiosk' in the park to load their cash into a pre-paid card that they will be able to use at the park.

Does six flags Take Cash


The Cash to Card Kiosk allows guests to transfer the cash that they have in-hand, to a prepaid card.

The prepaid card will allow them to use their money everywhere in the park, due to cash only being accepted in certain locations.

Unlike an ATM, where customers have to pay a fee to use it, there are no fees to convert your money to the prepaid card. 

cash to card process

Where Are the Cash to Card Kiosks Located?

    There are a dozen locations all spread out through the park. 

    The easiest way to locate them is by looking at the Six Flags park map, and finding the Cash to Card Kiosk Icon.

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