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Does Six Flags Offer Student Discounts? | Explained

Many theme parks offer discounts for students that are currently enrolled in school. 

In this page, we will explain whether or not Six Flags offers student discounts, as well as what other discounts they offer.

Does Six Flags Offer Student Discounts?

Six Flags currently does not offer student discounts directly from their site. However, students should go directly on their University's website, as many universities offer discounted student tickets to many local activities.

six flags student discounts

If you are a current student at a College or a University, you'll want to check your school's site as they will often have large discounts specifically for their students.

University of Central Florida in particular has the SGA Ticket Centerwhich offers specially-priced tickets to various local theme parks, attractions, movie theaters, and transportation providers.

UCF is located in Orlando, Florida, which means that any student discounts that they're eligible for will be located around that area.

You can see below that they currently have discounts to several different theme parks.

ucf discounts for theme parks

Other Types of Discounts

Discounts For Military Members

Six Flags does offer discounts to Military members and First Responders.

Discounted admission tickets are available here. For visitors to receive the discount, they must show a military ID.

Discounts For AAA Members

AAA members are eligible to receive $5 off of a general admission ticket.

Visitors will simply have to present their membership card at a Six Flags ticket booth.

AAA members also receive a 10% discount on merchandise purchases of $15 or more.

Discounts For Large Groups

Groups of 15 people or more are eligible to receive a special discounted group rate.

six flags great america group sales

To get rates, you'll navigate to the Groups section of the park that you are planning to visit.

For example, if you wanted to visit Six Flags Great America, you'd go to their Group sales page.

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