Six Flags Dining Pass & Dining Deal: Everything You Need to Know

The Six Flags Dining Pass is one of the most popular add-on options at the Six Flags park.

In this page, we will explain what a Six Flags Dining Pass is, what a Dining Deal is, the types of Dining passes available, and what the old dining plan used to include.

What Are Six Flags Dining Passes & Dining Deals?

A Six Flags Dining Pass is an additional purchase that allows visitors to pay once, and be eligible to eat food at different restaurants at the park throughout the day or season.

six flags dining plan

Six Flags uses Dining Pass to reference the options available for Season Pass holders and Dining Deals for the options available to 1-Day ticket holders.

six flags dining deal vs six flags dining pass

Visitors can purchase Dining Passes as a one-day add-on or a Season add-on.

To use a Dining Pass and/or Dining Deal, visitors must have a valid one-day ticket or a Season Pass.

Types of Dining Passes & Dining Deals

There are four types of Dining Pass options available at Six Flags:

  1. One-meal Dining Plan (Season Pass option)
  2. Two-meal Dining Plan (Season Pass option)
  3. One-meal Dining Deal (Daily ticket option)
  4. Unlimited All-Day Dining Deal (Daily ticket option)

    1. One Meal Dining Plan

    The one-meal dining plan allows visitors one meal (at participating restaurants) every time they visit.

    This plan is available as a Season Pass add-on.

    six flags one meal dining plan

    2. Two Meal Dining Plan

    The two-meal dining plan allows visitors two meals (lunch and dinner as Six Flags doesn't normally open early in the morning) per visit.

    However, you can't grab meals immediately after eating your first one.

    six flags two meal dining plan

    In fact, after your first meal, you must wait at least 3 hours before you're eligible to get your second meal for the day.

    3. One Meal Dining Deal

    The one-meal Dining Deal allows visitors one meal, one side, and a fountain beverage (at participating restaurants) during their visit.

    one meal dining deal six flags
    dippin dots six flags

    This plan is available as a one-day add-on.

    3. Unlimited All-Day Dining Deal

    The Unlimited All-Day Dining Deal allows visitors unlimited meals of one entrée, one side, and one beverage during their visit.

    Visitors must wait 90 minutes between meals before being able to grab their next meal.

    unlimited all day dining deal six flags

    How to Use Your Dining Pass

    You'll simply swipe/scan your season pass at the register where you would typically pay.

    Every restaurant that is eligible for the dining pass, will have the dining pass icon next to each item on the menu.

    six flags season dining pass icon

    If the dining pass icon is next to an item, this means that you can use your dining pass for that particular item.

    For example, you'll find the Season Dining Pass icon next to the Flags Famous Strip Trio meal option.

    Where to Purchase a Dining Pass?

    You can purchase a Dining pass directly from the Six Flags site, or app(after you've signed in and linked your ticket to the app).

    The Dining Pass can be found under the 'Pass Add-On' option.

    six flags pass add-ons

    You can purchase a Dining pass while purchasing your Season/Annual pass, or you can purchase it individually at a later time.

    Using the Dining Pass in the App

    During our visit, we constantly found ourselves using the Six Flags app to answer any of our questions, and the Dining Pass was no different.

    One of the most useful things that you can do is filter by every restaurant where you can use a Dining Pass.

    six flags app filter by dining pass

    This will give you a list of everywhere that you can eat with your pass, and you can quickly decide on where to eat.

    six flags restaurants that use dining pass

    We'd recommend downloading the app and planning your day directly from there.

    Dining Pass Offered in Previous Years

    The old Six Flags Season Dining Pass used to allow:

    • Two meals
    • A snack
    • Unlimited drinks
    • Free parking

    old six flags season dining pass menu

    Six Flags discontinued this program when an Electrical Engineer from Southern California went viral after he explained that he had eaten all of his meals at Six Flags for 7 years using their Dining pass.

    If that Electrical Engineer ate 2 meals a day 5 days a week (when he was working), that's 520 meals for $150, $.28 a meal. 

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